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Food Voucher Criterion


Please use this information to help you access genuine need.This document gives organisations a tool to help them access genuine need and reassures them of the need to decline some clients that do not provide adequate documentation to support their claim for a voucher.



Stretford Foodbank provides emergency food provisions to those in immediate food crisis whom live within the Urmston, Flixton, Davyhulme, Stretford, Gorse Hill, Firswood and Old Trafford areas with M41 M32 M15 M16 postcodes. All of the food is donated through either corporate sponsorship and by members of the public therefore, the foodbank is open to scrutiny and is accountable to the general public at all times.

It is the responsibility of the referral agency to assess the client’s circumstances and issue vouchers accordingly. The maximum number of vouchers an individual would normally be issued in any six month period is three, in order to ensure that we are not creating dependency on the foodbank. However, should a client require support for a longer period of time, we ask that the referral agency send us a request for additional support via email with a clear explanation of the reasons why ongoing support is required, a timeframe for on-going support and evidence seen to establish circumstances.

Therefore, it is important that clients understand that information will be shared between the foodbank and referral agencies as and when required. Clients also need to be aware that they may be asked to attend specialist advice workshops in order to help and support them overcome their difficulties.

When completing vouchers, referral agencies must ensure that all sections of the voucher are fully completed and that the client meets the criteria and has provided the relevant identifications required for each section. Should a mistake be made when filling out the voucher the referral agency should amend the voucher and countersign the amended changes.

Clients should also be aware that any attempt to alter the voucher once issued will result in a 12 week minimum temporary ban being imposed on them.


Voucher Criterion and Identification:

The table below gives details of the voucher criteria, definition and the different acceptable forms of identification that you may ask clients for. If the person doesn’t have any information and you are not aware of the person/family please try and confirm their identification with another agency or contact the foodbank.

Voucher Criteria

Definition of Criteria

Suggested Identification Required

Individual/ Family Information

Client Name

This should be the name the client uses on official documentation. Please note street names and nicknames do not apply.


·         Passport

·         Driving License

·         Tenancy Agreement

·         Most recent DWP Benefit Letter

·         Bank Statement

·         Housing Benefit/Council Tax Bill


This should be the client's permanent place of residence and be within Urmston, Flixton, Davyhulme,  Stretford, Gorse Hill, Firswood and Old Trafford areas with M41 M32 M15 M16 postcodes

·         Tenancy Agreement

·         Most recent DWP Benefit Letter

·         Employment contract showing address

·         Bank Statement

·         Housing Benefit/ Council Tax Bill



Refers to the number of adults permanently resident within the property. The number of adults should be written in words only Please note only two adults per voucher


·         Tenancy Agreement

·         DWP Benefit Letters demonstrating a joint claim

·         Joint Bank Statement

·         Tax credit Letters


Children (0-18yrs)

Over 16’s claiming benefits for themselves should not be included on the voucher

Refers to the number of dependent children the client has parental responsibility for and who are permanently resident within the property or children on contact visits. The number of Children should be written in words only

·         Child Benefit Letter

·         Child Tax credit Letter

·         Contact Order

·         Residence Order


Identified Crisis                 

Benefit Changes

Refers to clients who have either been sanctioned or transitioning from one benefit to another.

·         Sanctions Letter

·         Benefits letter stating changes taking place



Benefit Delays

Refers to clients who have placed a claim for benefits (Including tax credits) and who are waiting for benefits entitlement to be assessed and to be paid.

·         DWP letter re claim

·         DWP Benefits Letter stating delays

·         Appeals letters

·         Court Tribunal letter



Refers to clients receiving an unexpected bill which they have paid and left themselves short of enough money for food.

This criteria does not support ongoing debts. In these circumstances the client should be referred to a specialist debt advisor to consolidate debts


·         Copy of Bill and Receipt showing bill payment

·         Bailiffs Letter and receipt showing payment

Delayed Wages

Refers to a delay in payment of wages from an employer.




·         Letter/contract showing start date and salary date

·         Bank statement showing missed/ delayed payment

·         Letter from employer (Phased Returning to work letters)


Refers to clients of no fixed abode who are either street homeless, living in a hostel or sofa surfing.


Please use own judgement based on information client provides for assessing eligibility to vouchers

Low Income

Refers to clients who may be in employment and have experienced a reduction in hours/pay or whom are on a zero hour contract and experiencing temporary hardship.


·         Copies of last 2 pay slips

·         Copy of Zero Hours Contract

·         Letter of deductions from wages (Attachment of earnings)



Refers to clients who may have been made redundant or lost their job and in the process of applying for benefits.

·         Redundancy Letter

·        Termination of contract of employment




Refers to clients who suddenly find themselves unable to work due to sickness and who are on reduced income due to sickness benefits or reduction in wages  

·         DWP Benefits letter showing sickness benefits

·         Copy of Sick note

·         Wage slips


Domestic Violence

Refers to clients fleeing domestic violence or who are being financially controlled and restricted

·         Letter from support worker.

·         DWP new benefit claim Letter

Please use own judgement based on information client provides for assessing eligibility to vouchers.

Children Holiday Meals

Refers to families whose children are entitled to free school/college meals or who are struggling to provide the additional meal normally provided by schools.

·         Entitlement to free school/college meals

·         Child Tax Credit Letter


Refers to clients who may have lost or had their money/bankcards stolen. Clients who may be experiencing sudden financial hardship beyond their control such as a bereavement, burglary

·         Police Incident Number


Please use own judgement based on information client provides for assessing entitlement to vouchers.

Refused STBA

(Short Term Benefit Advance)

Refers to clients who have been refused a short term benefit advance payment. (Previously referred to as crisis loans)


·         DWP Refusal Letter