Trafford Advice Partnership

The Trafford Advice Partnership (TAP) supports and signposts people to get advice on debt, employment, support networks and legal issues.  TAP partners are made up of organisations in Trafford who provide advice and support  face-to-face, over the phone.

Partners include:-

Internal Referral form

To make internal referral between above mentioned organisations, please use the following form:

Referral protocols of TAP partners 

CAT takes referrals in all areas of advice except criminal but we are keen to capture debt referrals. 

We are limited to level one advice in Immigration matters, but we can refer to colleagues in Bolton who can offer Level 3.

We have no restrictions except that clients must be a Trafford resident. We don't have access to free interpreters, BSL signers etc.

Where advice is required all the relevant paperwork (if appropriate) must be provided by client prior to any F2F appointment being given. 

Main contact is myself see my contact details below, however, to ensure that referrals are dealt with in a timely fashion please send referrals to

We provide an Information and advice service Monday – Thursday 9.30am – 1pm – we deal with all enquiries for people over 50 – we are particularly interested in referrals for AA completion or benefits for older people – pension credit etc., we do not deal with working age benefits.


Please note the My Life My decision has now ended and we no longer have funding for the care support and telecare brokerage (although we give general advice through our Information and Advice provision)


Any referral can come directly to me via email  and I can then refer on internally to the appropriate person.Any Queries please email Karen Duffy at

Trafford CIL (Centre for Independent Living) works with all disabled people, including deaf people, people with physical and sensory impairments, people who have mental health or physical health issues and people with learning difficulties. We also work with parents, carers and partner organisations and we deliver a number of contracts in the area.