Campaigning for changes in policies and services
Every client that contacts us with a problem provides us with a first-hand experience of policies or practices going wrong. This adds up to a huge wealth of information about the problems people experience.

We use client's stories anonymously to campaign for improvements to these policies and practices by raising issues at all levels.  We contribute to public debate and suggest where improvements can be made to the policies and services of government and business.
We aim to stop problems at their source.
Current Campaigns

Since Universal Credit was launched, Citizens Advice has helped over 48,000 people with Universal Credit issues. Our data shows that Universal Credit is already failing many people. It is forcing people into debt and leaving them unable to make ends meet.

In October, the Government plan to dramatically increase the roll-out, putting hundreds of thousands more people at serious financial risk.

We want the government to pause the roll-out of Universal Credit, and fix 3 significant problems:

  • People are waiting up to 12 weeks for their first payment without any income.

  • Universal Credit is too complicated and people are struggling to use it.

  • People aren’t getting help when the system fails them.

To achieve this, we need to take action now.

Scams awareness month July 2017

Fair play for prepay campaign - Winter 2014-Spring 2015 - What’s the issue?

Prepayment meter users too often receive poor service, lack of innovation and lack of choice, but generally pay more for their energy than direct debit customers.
Lack of competition and fewer tariffs to switch to.
Prepayment users often face problems managing their energy use, which do not affect credit customers, eg lost or faulty keys or metering equipment and risk of self-disconnection (16 per cent of users).
Lack of convenient places to top up and limited innovation in top up methods - most pay with cash at shops or post offices.
Vulnerable prepayment users sometimes miss out on financial support. The Warm HomesDiscount (WHD) is sent out by suppliers by cheque
Latest news
Big win for the campaign! We've successfully persuaded all 6 main energy suppliers to put their share of a £6 million pay out of unallocated prepayment meter payments in to their individual harship and trust funds to help their most vulnerable energy customers. Read Adam Scorer's
blog to find out more and see our press statement.

Sign our petition asking energy suppliers to give prepayment meter users a better deal.

Advice for the future - What’s the issue?
Advice matters to the people we help and to society. We want free advice to continue and it’s time we shouted about what we do from the rafters, to let everyone - from the public we serve to the funders we depend on - know about the awesome work we do.

Our 75th birthday gives us an opportunity to highlight the value of the Citizens Advice service and increase awareness and support among the public and people who make decisions. We are also approaching a general election so as well as celebrating our past we need to look forward to the future.

What do we want?
We want to get as many people as possible to make the following pledge:

“I support the advice for the future campaign because free advice makes society better and matters to me. I want people like Citizens Advice to be able to continue to offer free advice, through a range of channels, so it’s available to everyone who needs it.”

This will help us to get local authorities, Government, and major political parties (ahead of the general election) to recognise advice services as vital public services and commit to resource them appropriately.

Sign the pledge

Sign our online pledge. We’ll be publicising the pledge at every opportunity and would like everyone in the Citizens Advice service to do the same.

Previous local Campaigns include:-
  • Bedroom Tax Survey
  • Big Energy Saving Week.

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