Schedule of Events

Saturday April 22nd 2017
4:30-5:30am-- Bib Pick up
5:45 Pre-Race announcements and course overview 
6am- Race Start  for 6Hour, 12Hour, 24Hour and 100 mile Distances 
6pm- Night Version of our 6 hour event starts

Sunday April 23rd 2017
6am- Sunday 6 Hour event race start
6pm- Final Cutoff for 100 mile event- This is a strict cutoff. We have to be completely packed up and out of the park by 6:30pm. 

Aid Station: 
There will be one main aid station at the start/finish area with the typical sweet and salty snacks as well as water and sports drink. Lunch will be added to the main aid station around noon and dinner will be served at 6pm Saturday to fuel our hungry runners. Warm soup will be served throughout the night and breakfast will be offered on Sunday morning. We take pride in the food that we prepare at Razorback. We strive to prepare as many meals that are 100% natural without artificial colors, flavors or GMO's. We prepare home-made meals and snacks throughout the event that cater to endurance athletes. You can expect warm, freshly prepared food throughout the event. If you are a Vegan or Vegetarian athlete, we got you covered! We prepare Vegan and Vegetarian Options during the event as well.

Runners (before or after their race) and family members are welcome to bring their tents to camp during and after their event and set up their own aid stations. We really want to welcome runners and family members to stay and hang out and join in on the fun.

Please understand that the aid station is primarily designed to fuel runners for their designated races. We purchase food based on registrations. Therefore, family members are asked to please plan to bring your own meals and snacks and plan accordingly.  Please understand this rule is in place so that we don't run out of food the runners. If you are concerned about feeding your family, friends, pacers and crew members, please email the Race Director so we can plan accordingly.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for choosing Razorback for your Early Spring Race! I look forward to seeing you all!

Love and Hugs