1. Must complete last lap in full before the cut-off for the event you registered to receive credit for the distance.
  2. Must move by feet (or on hands and knees) no jet packs, rocket ships, teleporters and, despite the name, no Razors.
  3. Pacers will be allowed to join runners once the runner has completed 50 miles.  (REGISTERED runners in all distances are welcome to pair-up/group together to help each other anytime during the race). Please have pacers check in with an RD to receive a Pacer bib before joining their respective runners (for safety reasons we need to keep track of who is on the course at all times and anyone on the course MUST have a bib).  Any runners under the age of 18 or over the age of 65 may have pacers the entire race.
  4. No early starts and no late finishes without PRIOR approval from the RD.
  5. No littering of any sort - anyone caught littering will be DQ'd for this and all future races (we mean this, despite the same warning in prior events, there was garbage along the course). 
  6. Alcohol rules are:  BYOBAGITTCRD   (bring your own bottle and give it to the RD). 
  7. All registered runners receive a beautifully designed finisher's medal.  All runners that complete 100k receive a 100k buckle.  All runners that finish 100 miles receive a 100 mile buckle. All runners who complete 125 miles receive a 125 mile buckle.
  8. Since this is the Razorback race (named after our adopted mascots that will be seen along the race course), it is appropriate to contribute a steaming pot of Pacific Razor Clam chowder to the main aid station, be freshly shaved (your choice of body part), quote Occam's Razor in latin  ("Pluralitas non est ponenda sine necessitate."), or be a huge fan of Judas Priest's British Steel album.
  9. All runners must have fun – no whiners, no complainers, no bitching, no ex-spouses, no IRS auditors, no TV evangelists, and no mean people are allowed.
  10. The course gets dark and cold at night – plan accordingly. (e.g. Hire one of those guys from a Hawaiian luau that twirls flaming torches to run next to you and you solve both issues.)
  11. Pushing baby joggers/strollers are allowed.  Dogs are allowed  (if your feline must attend, OK but you empty the litter-box).  If you have a pet Pot Belly Pig – that would be cool to bring along!
  12. Not mandatory, but feel free to donate to the main aid station food, booze, drinks, booze, supplies, booze, etc.
  13. Hugging the RD is mandatory – trespassers of this rule will be violated.
  14. Costumes are encouraged.  Suggested ones:  Porky the Pig, an Arkansas Razorback fan, Babe, Pumba, Piglet,  Hamm (from Toy Story), Miss Piggy, Wilbur (from Charlotte's Web), any of the Three Little Pigs, Spider Pig (for you Simpson's fans).