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iPhone is Disabled is displayed when you power up your phone

Follow these instructions to fix this problem.

iphone is disabled bypass

There are two options available to you on this instance and the situations possible.

  1. Your device was synced with iTunes in a PC and there’s backup available with you.
  2. Your device hasn't been synced with iTunes before, or the computer on which you performed the sync isn't near.

Fix #1: In case You have Synced your Device with iTunes

In this method, you can restore the device using the passcode.

Step 1: Connect the device to computer (the one you've previously synced the device to). iTunes is going to open it automatically, and the case it doesn't, go ahead and open it yourself.

Note: If iTunes asks you to enter a passcode, connect the device to another computer that you've previously used for iTunes sync.

Step 2: In the bottom right section of iTunes, right click on the device and choose Back Up.

iPhone is disabled solution

Step 3: Select Restore after the backup is complete. You can now use the latest back up to restore the device.

Fix #1: In case You have NEVER Synced your Device with iTunes

After the device is connected to iTunes, you’re going to see some errors such as ‘iTunes can't connect to the device because it has a passcode applied. Enter the passcode before it can connect to iTunes’.

Step 1: Hold the Sleep/Wake up button to switch off the device until the slider comes up. Slide to switch off the device. You can also do this alternatively by holding Sleep/Wake button and the power button for a few seconds to switch off the phone.

Step 2: Connect the USB cable to iPhone but don’t connect it to computer. Launch iTunes.

Step 3: Press and hold the Home Button and connect the other end of the USB cable to the computernow (make sure iTunes is open at this time).

Step 4: Keep holding the Home button and wait for the device to switch on. After few minutes, the ‘Connect to iTunes’ will appear on the device. This is where you let go of the Home button.

Restore disabled iphone

Step 5: iTunes should say that the device has been detected in Recovery Mode. Select OK and Restore for the device to be restored.

iPhone disabled password recovery