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Using remote support technology a TRAC Data service tech will be able to control your computer over the internet as if they were right there with you. You will have complete control over when this type of service takes control of your system. Remote support for Mac and Linux is also available. (Click File download under Navigation)

Google Apps Implementation

Google Apps provides a platform that allows Email, Calendaring as well as other collaboration tools. TRAC Data has successfully implemented Google apps for many high profile clients.


TRAC Data service techs will quickly determine the root cause of your computer problems and advise on the best course of action.

Virus Removal

Some types of viruses can be removed, other infections are best eliminated during a complete rebuild. Our number one concern is the preservation of your data.

Backup Systems
A backup is only as good as the restore you can do with it. That said, to what level do you take the backup strategy? For some it means simply backing up to a USB key. To others it means data kept on a central server which is backed up to disk as well as to the "cloud". TRAC Data can help you make a decision based on business drivers as well as budget.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery should be your major objective in the event of a system failure. TRAC Data integrates industry best practices into your business drivers to derive positive outcomes.

Hardware Upgrades

Hardware standardization is the key to reducing hardware costs. Become an expert on one hardware platform, not many. Lessons learned on one type of hardware can be leveraged over all systems of that same type.