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Classroom Teachers

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 Assignment Name  
5th Grade Team  

 Mrs. Brothers Email Mrs. Brothers
  Mrs. Cooper Email Mrs. Cooper
  Ms. Hanson Email Mrs. Hanson
  Mrs. Ruby Email Mrs. Ruby
 4th Grade Team  
  Mr. Hauer Email Mr. Hauer
  Ms. Kelly Email Ms. Kelly
  Ms. Potts Email Ms. Potts
  Mrs. Sanders Email Mrs. Sanders
 3rd Grade Team  
  Mrs. Blann Email Mrs. Blann
  Mrs. Freed Email Mrs. Freed
  Mrs. King Email Mrs. King
  Ms. Newberry Email Ms. Newberry
 2nd Grade Team  
  Mrs. Lough Email Mrs. Lough
  Mrs. Munoz Email Mrs. Munoz
  Mrs. Pryor Email Mrs. Pryor
  Mrs. Schrag Email Mrs. Schrag
 1st Grade Team  
  Ms. Adame Email Ms. Adame
  Mrs. Parnell Email Mrs. Parnell
  Mrs. Ramseier Email Mrs. Ramseier
  Mrs. Scott Email Mrs. Scott
  Mrs. Wade Email Mrs. Wade
 Kindergarten Team  
  Ms. Bartley Email Ms. Bartley
  Mrs. Christenberry Email Mrs. Christenberry
  Ms. Gasser Email Ms. Gasser
  Mrs. Murray Email Mrs. Murray
  Mrs. Nelson Email Mrs. Nelson
 Preschool Mrs. Murphy Email Mrs. Murphy