Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Updated Pick Up/Drop Off Procedures:

Arnold, in front of the school, is a no parking zone between the hours of 8:00-10am and 3-4pm on school days.  

If you would like to walk your child into school, speak with a teacher, or visit the office please utilize the parking lot, 18th or park on Arnold in front of the parking lot. Keeping the area in front of the school clear during that time allows people to easily drop their children off and keeps traffic from backing up onto 17th. We also ask that you drop off at the curb and not in the middle of the street. It is a dangerous situation, particularly if cars are blocked and unable to pull away. On the back side of Whitson is the Most Pure Heart parking lot. This is private property. Their school is graciously letting Whitson use their parking space. Please park in a stall to pick up a child and make sure it is not handicap. Our school goal is to keep all children safe! This has been an ongoing concern from both parents and staff. The PTO and SPMT organizations have worked for years to get a safer policy in place! Please help Whitson be the safest school in Topeka Public Schools


Whitson students who ride the bus are expected to remain in their seats and out of the aisles at all times. Students are also expected to follow all directions given by the bus driver and talk only in a quiet voice. Distracting behavior on the bus may result in bus detention or bus suspension. Please see Mr. Rosborough (438-4584) with any questions pertaining to the bus.


  • All students will enter through the main office doors beginning at 8:10 (9:00 on Friday's).
  • Students who would like to eat breakfast should make their way to the gym at this time. Once finished with breakfast they may read quietly outside of their classroom or report to walk and talk.
  • Students not eating breakfast will sit quietly outside of their classroom and read a book or go to walk and talk until school starts at 8:40 (9:30 on Fridays).
  • Walk and Talk: Students choosing not to read outside their classroom may walk around the intermediate playground. If we have inclement weather walk and talk will be held in the new gym.


  • Teaching will take place until 3:40; therefore the main office doors will be locked until then.
  • Bus Riders:
                 K-2 will be dismissed with their supervising teacher out the northwest hallway to their bus.
                 3-5 will be dismissed with their supervising teacher out the northeast hallway to their bus.
  • Car Riders:
                 Kindergarten will still meet on the Preschool Playground.
                1st grade will meet on the north side of the sidewalk coming out the main doors by room 114.
                2nd grade will meet on the south side of the sidewalk coming out of the main doors by 114.
                3rd grade will meet on the north side of the main entrance sidewalk.
                 4th grade will meet on the south side of the main entrance sidewalk.
                 5th grade will meet on the sidewalk outside the south gym doors.
  • Walkers, First Christian and Kidsquest:
                 These students will be dismissed by their supervising teacher at the gym to their after school care                         provider or they will be dismissed to begin walking.
  • Students with a sibling:
                 These students will all be taken by their supervising teacher to the sidewalk by the flagpole out the main                 doors. The students will find their sibling and check in with the teacher to go their ride or usual way                             home. This doesn’t include bus riders.
  • Remember that after school Arnold is one way (Southbound). Cars should not stop in the street as this is a safety hazard. Drivers who do not follow this may be ticketed.