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There are many apps and extensions that enhance your Google experience!  The ones mentioned on this page are just a few that you may wish to try.

What is a Chrome App?

Chrome Apps

 What is a Chrome Extension?

Chrome Extensions

DO NOT add the Adblock Plus app - only the extension. The app causes problems!!!

Looking for the extension that adds an option for Google Drive to your Microsoft Office applications?  Click here to download it! After you click the download button, click your downloads folder and double-click the exe file to install.

Chrome Apps

Sunrise Calendar

This app allows you to sync your iCloud and Google calendars. Quickly add events by clicking on a start time, dragging to the end time, and imputing all the details you want to add. It is cross-platform and great to use on an iPhone, laptop, tablet or other device.

Lazarus Form Recovery

If you've ever accidentally closed a tab or hit the back button while completing an online form, Lazarus Form Recovery is the tool you've been waiting for. This Chrome app saves everything you type in online forms and backs it up as you go, encrypting it so it's safe and secure. If you do accidentally delete something, simply click on the Lazarus icon in the corner of the text box you were working on, choose the text you wrote from Lazarus' menu and pick up where you left off. The app also has a nifty setting that lets you save forms for a period of time, so you can revisit completed documents.


Telegram is an ultra-secure, encrypted, cloud-based messaging app that lets you chat with your friends across any device. The Chrome app is clean and easy to use, and you'll have access to all your messages whether you're on your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Recently updated to support embedded Instagram photos, Twitter posts, plus YouTube, Vine and Vimeo videos, this is the most secure messaging app you'll ever need.

Gmail Offline

Gmail Offline tackles one of the basic weaknesses of webmail services: offline availability. Gmail Offline is a Chrome app that syncs your Gmail account whenever you're online, allowing you to access your mail when you're not connected. You can read messages, archive mail and even write new mail or replies. The next time Gmail Offline detects an Internet connection, it automatically executes all of your offline actions when syncing data.

Pixlr Touch Up

Autodesk's Pixlr Touch Up is a free, light photo editor that covers a lot of basics when it comes to tweaking photos before sharing to your social network or online gallery of choice. Pixlr Touch Up features crop, resize, rotate, and color and contrast enhancement, as well as some quick colorizing filters. Undo and Redo buttons let you take back bad edits, and the app can save the results to either your PC or to Google Drive. It's no Photoshop, but for touch ups and tweaking, Pixlr Touch Up gets the job done.

Pixlr Editor

Pixlr Editor is a fairly powerful photo editor that should meet the needs of all but the most hardcore of graphic arts people. It supports layers and best of all, it offers a Google Drive plugin that allows you to choose a photo from your Drive, open it directly into Pixlr Editor, and then save it back to the Drive.

Google Keep

Google Keep, the search giant's cross-platform note-taking service, gets its own desktop Chrome App. This app takes Keep out of the browser tab bar and into your desktop taskbar. Now you're only a click away from jotting down post-it style notes, reminders, and quick snippets of text in Keep's minimalist desktop app. Insert images and lists, set reminders, archive or delete your notes, and synch your data across all of your desktop and mobile devices with this neat note taker.


In our highly connected online world, we might have to juggle the usernames and passwords of dozens of different accounts for a wild variety of apps and services. That's where password managers like LastPass step in, serving as your personal password locker, helping you generate strong passwords and then automatically saving it into an encrypted password locker that you can access anywhere with your master password. Simple, secure and with remarkably convenient features such as form autofill, LastPass is a great addition to your Chromebook.


Magisto stitches your family and vacation videos together into slick, professional looking productions. Simply upload your video clips, choose a preset visual theme, another choice for soundtrack (or your own music uploads), and then Magisto does the rest of the heavy lifting, returning an edited compilation complete with soundtrack that you can easily share with family and friends.


This app is specifically tailored for students. It lets them input specific details of their class schedules (like who teaches a particular class) and will create alerts for assignments and tests. They can track progress on assignments and mark them with a completion percentage. It has an app for Andriod and iOS that syncs with the Chrome version, so they can access it from their phones or their Chromebook.


This app allows you to do actual coding work from a Chromebook. You can also keep your work synced up across different computers of applications. It’s a good app to use if you’re just starting in the introductory stage of coding.

x-MoveNote for Education

This app is for the teacher that has a lot of PowerPoints and would like to turn them into videos for blended learning. You can import PPs or images into the app and then narrate your message while advancing the image or PP. Really good for beginners.

LucidChart for Education

Lucidchart is a web-based diagramming tool that makes drawing diagrams fast and easy. Students can work individually on assignments or with an unlimited number of other classmates to create and edit diagrams in real time -- great for group projects. LucidChart for Education includes all the premium (paid) features to schools.


You can use this app with any YouTube, Khan Academy (and many others) videos. It allows you to crop the video so you only show the portion you want, Record your voice to explain something and build questions into the video as they view it.


WeVideo makes video editing easy for users. It looks and feels much like iMovie did a couple years ago. It has good editing features and saves directly to your Google Drive or YouTube. WeVideo is NOT a screencasting app. It is better suited for students to create short videos for reporting.
This app works with the Snagit extension. The extension captures the image and the app saves it to your Google Drive. They work together.

Chrome Extensions
Be aware that the more extensions you add the slower your browser will be. Also, some extensions don't play well with other extensions. For that reason, I suggest you begin with the Extension Manager (aka Switcher) extension.  It will allow you to turn on and off extensions as you may need them. 

x-Extension Manager (aka Switcher)

Light popup manager to enable, disable, uninstall extensions, applications and themes quickly and easy. Now you can easily use the big collection of extensions, applications and themes, switching the necessary extension on the fly.

Save to Pocket

When you find something on the web that you’d like to read but don’t have time, just put it in Pocket to view later. There is also an app (need both) so you can see all the great things you have saved to Pocket.  

x-Adblock Plus

Adblock and Adblock Plus are two completely different extensions and Plus is definitely better. Adblock Plus will strip the ads off of webpages you visit allowing you to focus on just the content you wanted in the first place. It is also supposed to strip YouTube ads and for the most part if does a good job. I have also noticed that there is a new extension called Adblock for YouTube that surfaced just a month ago.


This app is an online privacy protector that used to be called Donottrackme. The free version blocks ad tracking cookies and masks email addresses and that part works fine.  They also offer a paid service that masks credit card numbers and phone numbers, but most of the reviews discourage you from upgrading. They have some bugs to work out before that would be recommended.


Ghostery is like Blur, but all of it is free. Ghostery looks for third-party page trackers on web pages you visit.  They notify you who is trying to track you by showing a purple box on your screen. You control what services can track you and which cannot by clicking the Ghostery icon in the extension and clicking the toggle button on or off. You can create a “whitelist” for trackers you need to allow.

Checker Plus for Gmail

If you need an email notification extension to indicate new emails, this app has a lot of nice features. It can also support multiple accounts. Users can reply, read, star, and delete messages directly from the drop-down extension icon. There are also several more features available if you choose to purchase additional features.

x-Techsmith Snagit

Snagit is both an app and an extension. It is a screen-capture and recording app that works inside the Chrome browser. You must have both the app and the extension.


With all your apps residing in the cloud, it is common for users to have 10-12 tabs open at the same time. One Tab offers a “1-click” method for collecting all open taps and listing them (as links) in one page. The part I like is that it also has a restore option so you can toggle all those tabs open again. A feature that is very handy in a web page is the option to share the list to others by offering a QR code for your students to scan. OneTab also lets you export URLS to other computers (handy in classrooms).


There is both an app and an extension for todoist. It allows you to quickly create detailed, actionable lists of tasks. You must sign in (can do with your Google account) to use it, and then you can manage any tasks or activities. Over time Todoist will track your productivity and let you know when you’re getting the most done.

x-Turn off the Lights

It is an extension designed to make your YouTube or other video watching more distraction free. Once you install it, it will automatically dim the rest of the screen when playing a video. This extension will not show up in the "extension" area. It shows up in the URL bar next to the favorites star - if the webpage will work with it.


If you shop a lot online, this extension may save you some money. It collects and offers discount codes and vouchers for different websites. When you go to a site, click the icon to see if there are any discounts. If it is greyed out, there are none.  On Amazon and some of the larger sites, you can just lick the Honey button and it will automatically attempt to apply any applicable discounts to your cart.


This extension is really more about aesthetics than productivity. It is a personal dashboard designed to eliminate distraction. Once you install it, it will ask your name and some basic information. Then whenever you open a new tab, it will display a picture, great you, show the time and give you an overview of any tasks you have added. There is a link in the upper left corner to use your Google Apps.

TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read)

This extension creates a summary of any web article without leaving the original page. Think of it as a Cliff note for webpages.

x-1-minute timer

This extension is a wonderful addition to any teacher's toolbox. Just click the icon, drag the indicator to the desired time and it begins working.


This extension allows quick, easy, and free screencasting. You click the extention and begin recording. While it doesn't allow editing, you can upload it to YouTube and use the YouTube editing tools. There are more features if you have the paid version.

x-Google Calendar

Gives you a button on your toolbar that you can easily click on to see upcoming appointments without leaving your won't leave your current page.

x-Google Mail Checker

Displays an envelope with the number of unread emails on it. If you click it your email program will open. URL Shortener

This extension gives you a shortened URL of whatever page you are currently on. You can then copy the shortened URL, get details, or create a QR code.

x-Web Paint

This extension allows you to use whiteboard like features on a webpage. When you click the icon, tools pop up that allow you to annotate the screen.

x-Tab Resize The is a great extension that lets you have two webpages open at the same time split so you can see both pages. It works perfectly when you need to see data on one screen and add it to another. Yes, you can manually resize screens, but it takes time and this is quick! DraftBack This is another one of those extension that doesn't show up in the Extension Gallery. It won't show up until you are in Docs. Then you'll get a Draftback button up by Comments. It makes a video and plays back all the edits since the initial creation of the document.