National Honor Society

Topeka West juniors and seniors are eligible for membership in NHS. Students must have at least a 3.5, weighted or unweighted, grade point average and demonstrate qualities of leadership, character and service. Information forms are mailed to all students who qualify academically. This is done in the spring for juniors and in the fall for seniors. Students submit applications to the National Honor Society Selection Committee, which is composed of five faculty members. To be eligible, a student must:

1. have been active in activities at school and in the community;

2. have held positions of leadership;

3. have been involved in community service;

4. demonstrate good character.

Members of NHS are required to meet regularly and to be involved in service projects during the school year.

There are a volunteer opportunities over the summer for SCARS (Second Chance Animal Rescue Society), Sunflower State Games, and Free Rice.
SCARS (managed by retired West teacher Maureen Cummins) is always in need:  telephone: 785-256-2976.
Sunflower State Games  events run from Friday, July 11 until Friday, July 25.  Get details, or call 785-235-2295 for information and to volunteer.
Unable to get out to volunteer this summer?  Consider spending some time playing Free Rice(; practice your basic academics and feed the hungry from the comfort of your computer keyboard.  Check it out!

Mrs. Maggie Corcoran sponsors NHS.

Fall Induction (Seniors) - November 23, 2015 (6:30 PM)-view program live
NHS Program
Spring Induction (Juniors) - April 11, 2016 (6:30 PM)


Addison DonahueKaty Evenson Jensen Fair Hannah Garrad Emily Hodge 
Jadah Keeling Alexis Kelly Camille Parman Arlene Quintana Ramon Santiage 

2015-2016 OFFICERS

Diana Calderon President
Catherine LaRue Vice-President
Emily Jacobson Secretary
Sara Hanley Treasurer


Jennifer Gamblian

Devin Locke

 Rylan Prieb

Sierra Smith

Laura Suarez

Claire Sundbye

Ellen Wenger

Monica West