Multicultural Club

MCC is an organization open to all Topeka West students who have an interest in learning about and celebrating the cultural and historical contributions made by the various ethnic groups that make-up society. The group meets every Thursday from 3:00--3:30 p.m. in E-610 to conduct its business meeting.

Vision:  Create awareness on TWHS campus about various ethnic holidays and to educate faculty, staff, and students about related events.  The group also works to promote awareness of resources related to multicultural education, diversity education and minority groups on campus. 

This year the group is working to build activities related to Black Student Union leadership (BSU) and Mexican American Youth Organization leadership (MAYO).  The goal is to instill activism as well in groups of Native American students and those with Asian ethnic backgrounds.  The focus for all student members is on leadership development, cultural awareness, and resources for ethnic and minority studies and scholarships.

The sponsor for MCC is