Topeka West Gay Straight Alliance seeks to create an open, inclusive and supportive environment for all student, staff and faculty in the Topeka West community. GSA is facilitated by Ms. Amy Esquibel (C-309), Mrs. Whitney Ellis (C-309), and Ms. Christine Sturges (HSA) .

Throughout the year, the Gay Straight Alliance will hold events for Topeka West students. We promote national events like National Coming Out Day (Oct 11), Ally Week (Oct 20-26), World AIDS Day (Dec 1), No Name-Calling Week (Jan 19-25), and the Day of Silence (Apr 11).

GSA meets the first and third Wednesday of most months beginning September 18th. An official calendar can be found posted outside the sponsor's noted rooms. GSA is always accepting new members, sign up with a sponsor to help our cause!

GSA Website