Ms. Rebecca Morrisey - Principal
800 SW Tenth Ave.
Topeka, Kansas  66612

Welcome to Topeka High School!

It is my honor to serve as principal of the biggest school in Topeka Public Schools. THS is one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful high school in the entire state, and it is a wonderful place to come to work every day. Our mission driven, caring staff, our strong traditions, and our loyal alumni make it a unique school and one that stays involved with its graduates long after their four years are complete. It is a place where teaching and learning are at the forefront of all we do, and we truly believe that our students come first! It is our desire that every student leaves our doors ready for their post-secondary choice, and that they feel well prepared for the transition away from high school.

Topeka High School prides itself in providing the best instructional environment for our students. As such, you will find that we are on the cutting edge of best practices in teaching. We are moving towards separating academic grading from the reporting of job skills for our parents. Our students and families will be hearing things about standards based grading for much clearer reporting of a student's academic ability, and restorative practices which will address school climate and behavior in a manner that values each child and ensures correction is done in a collaborative manner where all voices are heard and behavior is considered a teachable opportunity. The focus of both programs is to ensure that our teaching environment is a safe place not only physically but emotionally, and that parents and guardians are true partners in the educational process. To support these initiatives, THS will continue to increase our partnerships with outside organizations such as:  Communities in Schools, Family Service and Guidance, Prevention and Recovery Services, JAG, and our many mentoring partners throughout the Topeka community. We welcome other organizations who have a desire to support students, families, and staff.

MS. MORRISEY'S BIOGRAPHY:   Ms. Rebecca Morrisey grew up in western Kansas and attended St. Mary of the Plains College, Dodge City, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Math with a Social Studies minor and a secondary education emphasis. She was a multiple sport athlete, playing basketball at the college level, and continued her involvement in sports as a high school and college coach for three decades. Morrisey has a Master of Educational Administration and has served administratively for over twenty years at the middle school, high school and college levels; a diverse experience that has given her a unique perspective. Growing up in a small school district in western Kansas, Morrisey also played in the band, sang in choir and performed in both musicals and plays. She was a member of numerous organizations both in the school and community, an experience that has been valuable as a teacher and an administrator.

Morrisey began her career in Spearville, Kansas ('83-'91), also working in Leavenworth Public Schools ('91-'01) and at Rockhurst University ('01-'09) prior to coming to Topeka Public Schools in 2009 as an assistant principal at Topeka High School ('09-'11). She then served as the Principal of Eisenhower Middle School for five years ('11-'16) before returning to THS as principal in 2016. She has been recognized for excellence as a teacher, a coach, and an administrator during her tenure.

Morrisey has three grown children, Adam (cytogenetics at Mayo Clinic), Christopher (nurse anesthetist in Kansas City), and Erin (MA architecture in Boston). She also has six grandchildren.