Ms. Patzer

Welcome to Topeka High School!

A bit about myself...  
I've been teaching at Topeka High School since 2010. I usually teach orchestra and physics, although I've also taught math and earth/space science. I graduated in 2000 from the University of Denver with a Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance. I also graduated in 2002 from Rice University with a Master of Music in Violin Performance. In 2010, after a period of time with the Kansas State Fire Marshal's Office, I earned a Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning from Kansas State University.

I graduated from Topeka High School, student taught here, and now get to teach here.  Hoy Hoy Mighty Troy!

I am very active in the musical communities in NE Kansas. I am the Associate Concertmaster of the Topeka Symphony Orchestra and a member of the Kansas City Baroque Consortium and the Misceo Piano Trio. I occasionally sub with professional groups as far away as Kansas City and Wichita. 

Contact Information -

Because I share and change rooms so frequently, the best way to contact me is to email me at