Tonia Lauxman (Ms. T)

My name is Tonia Lauxman, otherwise known as Ms.T, and I’ll be your student’s Language Arts teacher this year.  I've been working in our district since 2011, and continue to look forward to each new group of students that arrive. Prior to teaching, I earned my BA in English from the University of Kansas, and completed the education program at Washburn University. T-High has the best staff and students, the most school spirit, and the most beautiful building in the district.  I’m very excited to be a part of the great tradition that is Topeka High School!    Our first year with Chromebooks was amazing, and I look forward to finding new applications to engage my students in their lessons!  In my classroom, we will be using our Chromebooks for many of the tasks that were once paper and pencil only; doing our part to protect the environment, and to prepare students for success in a global society!

    You and your student have daily access to Power School (parents stop by the library to get your password!), where you can keep track of assignments and grades. While only students have passwords that enable them to access Google Classroom, the web space where we will complete most of our assignments, I encourage parents to observe at home how students are working using this amazing new tool! To see the assignment calendar for your student's class, simply click on the tab, located above my photo. When essays are submitted through Google Classroom, I am able to view, comment, make editing suggestions, and send all of that wonderful feedback back to your student. Providing every student with a laptop is a revelation in teaching. As parents, I hope you ask your student to show you the wonderful essays they produce!

Feel free to contact me through e-mail!