Jeremy Gibson - aka "gibby"

My name is Jeremy Gibson, also known as "gibby".  As many of you know, I've been here for some time.  I began teaching in the Halls of Troy in January of 2005.  While here, I've taught a variety of English courses.  I have also served in a variety of extra curricular capacities - from assistant wrestling coach, to yearbook adviser, and senior class sponsor.  I have also taught at Allen Community College and Kansas State University.

I received both my Bachelor and Master degrees from Washburn University.

This year I will be joining the wrestling team as an assistant.  This will be the 30th year I have been involved with the sport, having wrestled in my youth through college and coaching at the high school and Olympic style levels.

In my spare time, I am an avid endurance athlete.  I have competed in a variety of triathlon lengths, including a half and full Ironman  I have run numerous marathons, and am continually training for the next 100 mile marathon competition.

You can reach me at