Ms. Lewis

Hello! Welcome to Biology!

About Me:

To start, my name is Emily Lewis. I am not a Topeka or Kansas native; I am from a very small town in Tennessee. I moved here in mid-2011 with my immediate family and have been in the area since.

In May 2018, I graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Science in Biology; I am also an alum of the university's UKanTeach program, which presents STEM majors with the opportunity to earn their teaching license. In addition to coursework at KU, I worked as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant in the non-majors Biology laboratories for three years and student assistant for Level One English Language Learners for a year and a half, among other things. I have also done undergraduate research in fungal symbiosis, specifically mycorrhizal mutualisms. With all of that in my past, I am presently teaching Biology here at Topeka High.

Another tidbit about me is that I have a soft spot for animals. In fact, I currently am raising a bearded dragon, axolotl, rabbit, two cats, a dog, and some fish. Much of this comes from my previous work as a small animals and birds trainer and outreach lead/assist for Pet World Experience in Lawrence, though I still do lead or assist some presentations for the community every now and then. Aside from my passion for animals and teaching, some other things that I enjoy doing are reading science journals, playing video games, watching anime, crocheting, listening to music, and cooking.

How to Contact Me:

Phone:   (785) 295-3320

Email is the BEST way to get in touch with me; I will make sure to reply to your email within 24 hours.

For those that would prefer a phone conversation, the best times to reach me by phone are during 5th Block (11:02-11:49AM - Monday, Tuesday, and Friday; 11:14AM-1:22PM Wednesday) and after school. You may also call outside of those times and leave me a voice message; I will make sure to return your call as soon as possible.