Lesia Carter, LMSW

Social Worker - Academic Coach - Sponsor for Race & Equity Crew
"Hoy Hoy Mighty Troy"

* I've been honored with the title of Social Worker here at Topeka High School since 1993.
* I am a proud graduate of Topeka High School (1976), along with my husband and three children have also 
   graduated from the great halls of Troy!!
* I graduated from the University of Kansas (BSW-1980), (MSW-1993).
* Certified Academic Coach since 2004 (National Football Foundation Center for Youth Development Through Sport)
    I will assist any student-athlete in their efforts to become eligible for NCAA and NAIA college level sports.
* Sponsor of the Race & Equity Crew (see website); instruct and assist students as they  
   navigate through their courageous conversations about race. 
* Member of the CSI Team (Counselors, Social Workers and School Psychs)
* 2015 Nominee for the Go Topeka Woman of Influence Award

Contact Information:

Email:  lcarter@tps501.org  or strappmom@yahoo.com
Phone:  (785)295-3210