Repeatable Courses

The following courses can be taken more than once and credit can still be earned.

Fine Arts - Arts
40913D Computer Graphics4103Principles of Illustration 2
4150Studio Art4079Graphic Design 2
4155AP Studio Art4111Jewelry 2
4081Ceramics 24123Painting 2
4136Digital Photography 2
Fine Arts - Music
4391Chansonettes4397Scot Singers
4387Charger Chorus4347Stage Band
4393Choralaires4348Advanced Stage Band/Jazz Band
4383Concert Choir4369Strings
4365Instrumental Ensemble4373Premier Strings
4395Madrigals4344Varsity Band
4382Mixed Chorus4399West Singers
Language Arts
3752Acting 23735Forensics
3744Advanced Debate3728Non-competitive Forensics
3710Advanced Publications - Newspaper3716Photojournalism & AV Production
3721Advanced Publications - Yearbook1393Stagecraft 3
3754Advanced Theatre Ensemble3761Topeka West Players
3476Creative Writing for Publication
1319Classroom Assistant - Teacher1385Mentor Leadership
1320Classroom Assistant – Department Chair1360Office Assistant
8590Gifted Independent Study1389Peer Tutor Program
1390Independent Study1450Work for Credit
1350Library Assistant1442TV/Video Production 2
1335Math Aide Program1339Technology Services Aide
Physical Education
6410Adaptive Physical Education6437Physical Education Senior Leader
6434Advanced Physical Education 16463Precision Dance
6436Advanced Physical Education 26447Strength Conditioning
6452Advanced Weight Training6448Toning, Fitness, and Conditioning
6443Aerobic Conditioning