Other Degree Options

If students would like to complete their high school requirements, the following are some options for obtaining a diploma or GED.

There are 38 Adult Education Centers located throughout the state of Kansas. Click here to view a complete list and find the program best suited for your needs.
501 Alternative/Virtual School

Our new alternative school will be opening on September 5th, 2017 at the Avondale West building.
For additional details about the programs offered, please contact Joy Grimes (principal) at jgrimes@tps501.org 


Getting a GED is much harder than completing high school so staying in high school is highly recommended. If you are falling behind in high school you most likely will struggle to pass the GED test easily. Most employers still believe a high school diploma is the preferred credential so getting a job is made more difficult with a GED rather than a high school diploma.   

It costs students $33 per test and there are 4 tests that must be successfully completed within a two year period to earn the GED. There are GETREADY pre-tests that you can take to see if you are prepared enough for the GED test. There are four of those as well and each one costs $6. Students register on line for all testing by setting up an account atwww.myged.com . You have to have a credit card to sign up to test. There are two testing centers here in Topeka. One is at Washburn Tech and the other is at Bryan University. 


If your skills are lacking, you can enroll in GED preparation classes at Let’s Help or at Washburn Tech. It is very unusual for a student to complete the GED in less than a year and more commonly several years of preparation classes if skills are not great.  GED prep programs are 3 hours per day of instruction. It is not time in class but passing the formal standardized test that gets them the credential.


You make check out information regarding the GED program at Washburn Tech by clicking on this link: Washburn Tech GED

Additional resources for obtaining a GED here: Topeka GED (Scroll down and see the list)


If you are one of over 230,000 Kansans without a high school diploma, earning your GED and a technical certificate is easier than ever before. Be on your way to a new career in as little as four months. You may be eligible for free tuition and other assistance through a new fund established by the State of Kansas.

Some of the occupations qualifying for tuition-support include:
Automotive Service Technician
Bus and Truck Mechanic
Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)
Certified Production Technician (manufacturing production)
Commercial Driver License (CDL)
Computer Support Specialist
Heating, Air Conidtioning, and Refrigeration Mechanic
Plumber, Pipefitter, and Steamfitter
Welder, Machinist

Don't wait! Your path to get unstuck is possible in as little as one semester! Enroll at a community college or technical college near you by calling a number HERE.