Fine Arts Course Information

Fine Arts Courses That Meet Graduation Requirements

40923D Computer Graphics4082Graphic Design 2
4050Art History4110Jewelry 1
4055Advanced Placement Art History4111Jewelry 2
4080Ceramics 11466Media Technology: Workplace Experience
4081Ceramics 24120Painting 1
4070Design4123Painting 2
4137Digital Photography 14130Printmaking
4138Digital Photography 24140Sculpture 1
4102Principles of Illustration4141Sculpture 2
4103Principles of Illustration 24150Studio Art
4077Graphic Design 14155Advanced Placement Studio Art
4060Survey of Fine Arts
4391Chansonettes4401Music Theory
4387Charger Chorus4402AP Music Theory
4383Concert Choir4397Scot Singers
4343Freshman Band4347Stage Band
4381Freshman Chorus4348Advanced Stage Band/Jazz Band
4365Instrumental Ensemble4369Strings
4393Choralaires4373Premier Strings
4395Madrigals4344Varsity Band
4382Mixed Chorus4399West Singers
3751Acting 11391Stagecraft 1
3752Acting 21392Stagecraft 2
3754Advanced Theatre Ensemble1393Stagecraft 3
3763Diversity Theatre3761Topeka West Players