Kansas Board of Regents

Kansas Qualified Admissions

If you are a Kansas resident who will graduate from an accredited high school during the 2015-2016 academic year or later, you can guarantee admission to Fort Hays State University, Pittsburg State University,  Wichita State University, Emporia State University, and Kansas State University by completing the Qualified Admissions or Kansas Scholars curriculum and the following:

  • 2.0 GPA  in the Kansas Qualified Admissions curriculum  AND
  • ACT score of at least 21; OR
  • SAT score of at least 980; OR
  • Graduate in the top 1/3rd of your class

University of Kansas requires completion of the Qualified Admissions or Kansas Scholars curriculum and the following:

  • 2.0+ GPA in the Kansas Qualified Admissions curriculum and
  • 3.0+ overall GPA and 24+ ACT (1090+ SAT) or
  • 3.25+ overall GPA and 21+ ACT (980+ SAT )
  • If applicable, achieve a 2.0 GPA or higher on any college credit taken in high school
Graduation Requirements & Kansas Board of Regents Curriculum
SubjectTPS Graduation RequirementsKansas Regents Qualified Admission Curriculum *See additional requirementsKansas Scholars Curriculum
Language Arts
4 Credits4 Credits4 Credits
1.0 English 9/Pre-AP English 9
1.0 credit each year 
(.5 credit may be speech)
Same as Qualified Admission Curriculum
1.0 English 10/Pre-AP English 10
1.0 English 11/AP Lang & Comp
.5 Speech/College Speech/Debate/Forensics/Acting/Applied Communication /21st Century Global Communications
.5 English Language Arts Elective
3 Credits3 Credits*4 Credits
3 credits, including Geometry3 credits at or above Algebra 11.0 Algebra 1*
*taken during 9th through 12th grades AND students must score a 22 in the math on the ACT or 4 Credits*
1.0 Geometry
1.0 Algebra 2
1.0 credit beyond Algebra 2
*Algebra taken in the 8th grade is accepted.
3 Credits3 Credits3 Credits
1.0 Biology/Honors Biology/AP1.0 Biology1.0 Biology
Biology1.0 Chemistry or Physics1.0 Chemistry
1.0 Elective, except Astronomy1.0 Physics
A fourth year of science is recommended
Social Studies
3 Credits3 Credits3 Credits
1.0 World History/Honors World1.0 US History1.0 US History
History.5 US Government.5 US Government
1.5 US History 1,2,and 3 or.5 World History or World.5 World History or World
Pre-AP US History AND AP USGeographyGeography
History 1 and 21.0 Electives1.0 Approved KS Scholars lective
.5 US Government/AP
World Language
2 Credits
(Same Language)
Physical Education
1 Credit1 Credit1 Credit
1.0 Physical Dimensions of Health.5 JROTC.5 Health
.5 activity class.5 activity class (JROTC)
Fine Arts1 Credit1 Credit1 Credit
Financial Literacy
.5 Credit.5 Credit.5 Credit
Personal Finance or Economics or Entrepreneurship
Personal Finance or Economics or Entrepreneurship
Personal Finance or Economics or Entrepreneurship
8.5 Credits8.5-9.5 Credits*6.5 Credits
Seminar (.25 credit per year), is required at each of the comprehensive high schools Decisions about additional electives coursework should be guided by the student’s chosen career cluster and pathway.3 credits from the following: English, Math, Natural Science, Social Science, Fine Arts, Computer/InformationSystems, Foreign Language, Personal Finance, Speech, Debate, Forensics, Journalism, Career and Technical Education