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Update: 11/2/2017

English 10: Students took the Ironman Test on Wednesday/Thursday, November 1/2, 2017. Here is the breakdown of grades scored for both classes (English 10, hours 3 and 6): A's - 2; B's - 6; C's - 9; D's - 5; and F's - 2. This is not scored on a bell curve at all; these are natural scores based upon a 4 points scale per standard (RL.1 - comprehension and making inferences, RL.3 - characterization over time, RL.4 - vocabulary , and W.9 - writing from a reading experience). 

If students wish to practice their skills on a separate assignment (like extra credit), they will be able to do so for a homework assignment. Another reading will be assigned and students will be asked to take an additional test during Trojan Time.

Senior Composition: At this time of the year, students have finished the majority of their essays! At this time, they are currently working on their research paper. This week, students have began the prewriting stage by brainstorming topics, prewriting thoughts before research, and researching for their topics. My goal for students is for them to have the prewriting process completed by Friday, November 10th. Once they are finished prewriting, they should be working on the drafting process. This essay needs to be at least 8 pages of text alone, not including the title page, outline, and works cited; it should not be any longer than 12 pages of text alone, which means it may be a total of 15 pages if the maximum is released.

Letter to Parents/Guardians

            Welcome to Topeka High School! We have so much planned for your teenager this school year.  As aligned with the state and local curriculum guides, your child has been enrolled in Senior Composition or English 10 with me.

            Your involvement is essential in order for students to gain the most from this class. Please, do not hesitate to e-mail ( or call (785-295-3302) before or after school or during my plan time, which is 8th hour. If I am unavailable, please leave a message, and I will try to return your call within 24 hours.


Classroom and Progress

Most of the school work will be done online. I will be using Google Classroom, which is a tool for teachers to administer, monitor, upload, and assess assignments. Only students enrolled in the coursework are eligible to see the work. It is also a way for you to view assignments online. If you wish to be added as a parent to Google Classroom, please send me an e-mail address. Powerschool will also be available to you in order to check your teenager’s progress.

If for some reason, you have any questions about your teenager’s progress, please contact me as soon as possible!


Textbooks and Novels

Class sets of textbooks are in my classroom and will stay in the classroom unless a student needs to sign one out to use for homework. If this happens, please make sure that the textbook stays clean, dry, and neat and returned within a three day period. If the student needs the textbook longer than three days, please contact me. 

There will also be novel studies each quarter. Students will need to keep up with readings during these times. If for some reason a novel is lost or has been damaged, contact me immediately. The novels are checked out for only a certain amount of time. Sometimes electronic copies are available for students. For each electronic copy for most novels, there is a fee of one dollar. Students are always welcome to purchase their own copies.

Late Work/Missing Work Policy

Please note on the syllabus under Late Work and Missing Work the following information:

1.      Late work is accepted. There are due dates and deadline dates. Deadline dates mean that I will no longer grade that assignment after this date. Deadline dates are usually two weeks after the unit is over.

2.      Missing work. See late work.

3.      Make-up work will be given for those who were absent on a day the assignment was given or due. Sometimes I will ask students to redo an assignment. If students are excused for absences, more time will be given for students to make up work with no late work penalties. However, if students do not have an excused absence, I will not extend due or deadline dates.

Please encourage your child to come to class and to use class time efficiently.


Overall, it is extremely important for students to attend class and turn work in on time. The student is responsible for seeing me about anything missed. I encourage students to check PowerSchool daily.


In closing, I am so excited to have your teenager as my student this year! I am looking forward to new thoughts, interpretations, perspectives, and ideas.


I look forward to working with you this year!




Ms. Shauna King

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