McClure Elementary School

2529 Chelsea Drive

Topeka, KS 66614



Title I Parent Involvement Policy


The mission of Topeka Public Schools

Engage students in the highest quality learning. Prepare students for responsible, productive citizenship.

Inspire excellence for a lifetime.


The mission of McClure Elementary School

The mission of McClure is to prepare all students academically and socially to be productive citizens in a culturally diverse society.



In order to guarantee student success, partnerships among schools and parents are vital. Parents are encouraged to participate on school committees such as Title I Committee, School Council and School Advisory Committee. At McClure Elementary we recognize parents as their child’s primary teacher. They support our efforts to prepare all students academically and socially. The support of our parents is critical in our effort to provide a quality education for students. The building leader meets with the parent teacher committee quarterly In order to maximize the success of our students to involve parents in planning, organizing, implementation, and review of programs. We also have two parent liaison coordinators who plan, organize, implement and review the following programs.


McClure Strategies to involve parents in the educational process at will include:



o   Parents are invited to Meet the Teacher Night at the beginning of the school year. Parents and students have the opportunity to meet their child’s teacher and put school supplies away in the child’s desk. Teachers will encourage parental involvement and also inform parents of their right to be involved.


o   Parents are invited to Parent Open House/Technology/Information Night the second week of school to learn about our school education programs, technology tools, websites, homework help, truancy and counseling services.

o   Starting in September, Parent Visitation Days begin. One day each week every grade level will invite parents to come and spend the entire day with their students. This parent involvement activity will give parents the opportunity to see what their student’s school day looks like, what curriculum teachers are teaching, and meet other teachers who are working with their students.


o   The McClure Kindergarten teachers will offer Kinder Kollege events each quarter for kindergarten parents. These evening will provide parents information on the skills kindergarteners need to master and how parents can help their students at home.


o   Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held two times during the school year (fall and spring). Evening conferences will be available for parents who cannot come during the day.  Teachers will share student progress during the conferences.


o   Parent Education Nights.  Parents will be invited to attend a reading and a math night for Pre-K – 5 grade students during first semester. They will receive information and activities to help them support their children in reading and math.  In addition, there will be quarterly reading and math nights that will provide parents with resources that they can use at home to help their students.


o   Parents of K-5 graders are invited to attend our Parents Math Q & A Night in December. This event will provide parents with Kansas Assessments information. This event provides parents with strategies to learn algorithms. Parents are taught what their students’ need to know to prepare for upcoming school year.


o   Volunteer Opportunities. Parents will be invited to volunteer for many different events and activities throughout the school year.


o   Parent Attendance at Special Events. Parents will be invited to attend music programs, book fairs, monthly student recognition assemblies, Parent Teacher Organization meetings and functions, Open House, activity day events, and 5th grade recognition.


o   Translation of written communication into Spanish for non-English speaking parents.


o   Interpreting for non-English speaking parents during parent-teacher conferences, general communication, and other events.


o   School Planning and Management Team.


o   The opportunity for parents to join the McClure PTO. The Parent Team (PTO) operates independently with its own officers and budget.  The principal and teacher representatives attend regular meetings and support the activities of the PTO.


o   Regular school to home communication through newsletters, flyers, websites, Facebook, Parent Link by Blackboard, Powerschool Parent Portal and e-mails. Teachers and parents communicate through e-mails and the principal has a parent e-mail group that includes all parents who provide their e-mail addresses.


o   Assistance is provided by the Family Engagement Liaison(s) offering support, professional development related to family engagement, promoting parental effort to improve their child’s academic achievement.


o   Teachers are encouraged to participate in school based activities through committee sign up. The committee is teacher’s choice with one grade level representative requested per committee.


o   99% of the Title I funds will be utilized for school based activities for family literacy, mathematical practices and effective parenting skills.