Library Media Center

Welcome to the McCarter Media Center Website!!

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Daily Schedule:

Monday - Gleason CO, Mercer CO, Brothers CO, Bradley CO, Deiter CO, Kulbiski CO, PreK, Backus CO

Tuesday - Backus, Brothers, Bayless & CO, Ferraro, Bradley, Izquierdo & CO

Wednesday - Gleason, Mercer, Fyler & CO, Munoz, Deiter, Martin & CO

Thursday - Spencer, Stephens & CO, Smith, Kulbiski, Warren & CO

Friday - Technology Lessons, Spencer CO, Ferraro CO, Munoz CO, Smith CO

* CO - Check Out

The mission of the Topeka Public Schools Library Media Program is to empower all students and staff to be effective users of information and information technology in order to communicate ideas and solve problems in an ever-changing world, and to foster life-long literacy.

McCarter Media Center Goals & Objectives:
1. Increase Academic Vigor
        -Provide professional materials appropriate to curriculum to help teachers plan effective lessons.
        -Support national, state, & district standards by providing lessons which create critical thinkers.
        -Collaborate with staff to ensure the full range of information resources is available to promote student learning.
2. Develop & Maintain Collection
        -Use suggestions of peers, staff, and students to select and purchase the most advanced traditional and electronic materials and equipment appropriate to curriculum.
        -Survey staff to ensure materials and services provided meet the information needs of the school population.
        -Organize all resources for effective and efficient use.
3. Promote & Provide Information Literacy Instruction
        -Introduce staff and students to information literacy by integrating appropriate lessons on copyright, bibliographic formats, and internet evaluation.
        -Instruct staff and students on information inquiry: need, location, evaluation, and effective use of information.
        -Model ethical and responsible  use of information and information technology.
4. Introduce & Implement Technology 
        -Provide training opportunities for staff development.
        -Instruct and provide students practice with various technologies: iPads, Chromebooks, card catalog, databases.
        -Organize and maintain technology devices.
5. Advocacy & Promotion of Library Program
        -Promote life long love of reading and learning.
        -Report to students, staff, and parents about program plans, policies, and achievements.
        -Increase parental involvement and support of McCarter Media Center by communicating through our website.
        -Maintain and communicate current knowledge and research findings related to the impact of school media programs on student learning.

Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life.

–Sidney Sheldon