About Us

Jardine Junior High opened in August, 1961. It was named after William Jardine, a United States Secretary of Agriculture from Kansas.

 Jardine was originally designed as a campus-style facility for the seventh, eighth, and ninth graders in attendance. A four independent building design, connected by sidewalks, built around an open atrium that served as a social gathering place for students and faculty. The 32-acre site encompassed the facility as well as athletic playing fields and a parking lot that doubled as a tennis court.

 During the 70’s, with the emergence of new educational trends, USD # 501 adopted the middle school philosophy. In 1980, USD # 501 through restructuring, moved the ninth graders to the high school leaving seventh and eighth at the middle level.

 In 1992, Jardine underwent extensive renovation to fully enclose the campus-style facility. The four independent buildings were connected by breezeways. The open atrium was enclosed and a Commons was built in its place. Several classrooms were renovated to accommodate the growing population, compliance issues with the American Disabilities Act, as well as the changing needs being placed on the facility. Heating and cooling systems were upgraded to meet the demands of the renovated facility as well as concerns of energy usage and conservation.

 In 1992, USD # 501 continued to restructure the school system by moving the sixth grade students from the elementary schools to the middle level. In doing so the minority / majority ratio at the middle level improved helping Jardine and other 501 middle schools to become compliant with Brown vs. Board of Education rulings. Avondale West, Bishop, Highland Park Central,  Stout, and Shaner are our elementary feeder schools.


(Sing to the tune "Yankee Doodle Boy")

Hail, to all the Jardine Jaguars!

May red and black forever stand

We love our school and so we proudly say,

We are the best in the land.

So, J-A-R-D-I-N-E,

We sing unto your glory

As we go down in history!