A science teacher as most people address me  because I teach multiple science classes namely Chemistry classes 1 and 2; and Earth Science 1 and Space Science. However, my area of specialty is Chemistry. I finished a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry. I've been teaching in USD 501 for 10 years 10 years. I'm so grateful to be part of the Hope Street family for 8 years.
    Teaching at Hope Street is a privilege and it is my honor to help students become successful in class. It is the most rewarding experience knowing that I am somehow become a part of students lives as they journey through life. 
    I believe that being a teacher requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Teaching is challenging yet very rewarding profession.  I always tell my students " It's my pleasure to help in anyway I can". Reaching out as I can, I think that's the essence of being a teacher.
    This is Mrs Sharon Tagle, blessed with two beautiful children, Blessy and Nathan.