Mr. Fulbright

About me

  • I have been teaching since 2008
  • I am a lifelong Jayhawk and attended the University of Kansas for both my Bachelors in Social Studies Education along with my Master's degree, also in Social Studies Education.  
  • My school email is
  • My wife and I have three daughters, Claire, Nora, and Meredith. I intend to spend my entire life convincing them how exciting and important history is!  This picture is of Claire and I meeting President Lincoln!
  • I love to travel the world and have visited countries in Central America, Europe and Southeast Asia.  When I travel I love to visit historical sites.  Some examples include where Columbus asked Ferdinand and Isabella for funding to explore (the Alahambra in Spain), the University where Copernicus (the guy who argued for the Heliocentric theory of the Universe) taught, Mayan ruins, the location of a favorite guillotining spot during the French Revolution, the site of major Nazi rallies and book burnings, Checkpoint Charlie, the square in Berlin where JFK told the world he was a doughnut, Auschwitz-Birkenau, the square of the Prague Spring revolution in 1968
  • ...but remember, you don't have to travel far to visit places where events that have shaped the world have happened- in Topeka is the location of some of the Brown v. Board plaintiffs!!!!
  • I love to ride bikes. While growing up in Lawrence and during college I worked at a bike shop for six years.  I try to commute to school by bike as much as possible.
  • I absolutely love to teach and I could not imagine a better place to teach than Hope Street Academy.