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Contact teachers you need to talk to or have questions for.

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If you need to look up any books you want to check out, click on French Middle School.

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If you want to check out your grades, click on the Power School Link.

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Be able to get into any of your teachers Google Classroom.

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If you or someone you know, click on the Bully Link and fill out a bulling report if you don't want to talk to anyone in person.

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Monthly Newsletters is where you can check out and see what's going on in our school and up coming events.

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Information about the library

Chromebook Repair

Screen Repair Cost: $40
Keyboard:  $35
Motherboard:  $90
Touch pad:  $20
Bezel:  $20
Bottom Cover:  $15
Top Cover:  $20
Hinge Cover:  $10
Replacement of Chromebook: $240
Power charger replacement: $20
All repairs paid in main office

NOTE:  All Chromebook warranties expired August 1, 2016.