Missing Chromebooks
Students who have not had their Chromebook inspected will be billed for $240 on PowerSchool.  Students who have not had their charger for their Chromebook will be billed $20 for a charger.  When the items have been inspected and are in working condition, the cost will be removed from the bill on PowerSchool.

Chromebooks for the Summer

Students will be able to check out their Chromebook for the summer if the following requirements are met.

Criteria for 8th graders

All eighth grade students will take their Chromebooks home for the summer unless 

  1. the student is leaving the district, 
  2. the Chromebook needs repair, 
  3. the student has no charger, 
  4. the administration wants it left at Chase. 

Students will need to show their Chromebook and charger to Mrs. Taylor at the end of the 2015-2016 school year. If they do not have the charger, they will be assessed $20 for a new charger.  Next fall, students will show their Chromebook and charger to the media specialist at the high school to check in.

Criteria for 6th and 7th graders.  In order to keep the Chromebook for the summer

  1. Attendance ­ 4th quarter 90% ­ May 13, 2016 is last day to use attendance
  2. Behavior ­ - Student maintain (5) Citizenship points in 4th quarter. May 13, 2016 is last day to use Behavior points.
  3. 2.0 grade point average or better 4th quarter
  4. No outstanding balances on CB ­ repairs/replacement.
  5. Students without a charger cannot take their Chromebooks home for the summer.
  6. Administration reserves the right to make all final summer CB decisions.

All students will need to show their Chromebook and charger at the end of school for a checkup.  Those students without a charger will need to pay $20 at the Chase MS office  to get a new charger.  The Chromebook number and charger numbers need to match.  Do not purchase chargers from other locations.  The Chromebooks will be checked for repairs needed.  The free fix ends August 20, 2016.  Next year, all repairs will need to be paid for by the parents/guardians.  No repairs will be made until the cost of repair is paid to Chase. Students should make sure their Chromebook is working.  No stickers, except the name label on the bottom, are allowed.  

During the summer, the parents can take the Chromebook to the Tech Center for repair.  The type of repair determines if it is covered by warranty or not.  

Summer repairs ~ Summer CCU schedule at IT   1900 Hope Street 785-438-4750

Monday through Thursday   8 – 11 AM & 1 – 4 PM

Drop off of Chromebooks needing repair; Call back for pick-up

There are several issues with Chromebooks that we all need to be aware of. The first one is to make sure the latest operating system software is installed on your Chromebook. The instructions listed below will assist you in updating your new Chromebook's operating system software.

The next issue is the ability to connect the Chromebook to your home wireless network.
1. Click on the clock in the lower right corner of your Chromebook screen. 
2. Click on the WiFi fan and locate your network.
3. Enter the password and connect.
4. Follow the steps listed on the sheet below to connect through the proxy. The proxy filters where you go on the internet to keep you safe.