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Welcome to Capital City High School,

 Welcome and thank you for visiting the Capital City High School Homepage. Capital City High School is a special education facility that serves students with behavioral or emotional problems in grades nine through twelve within the Topeka Public School District.

Ms. Tracy Lee is our School Principal and has been with CCHS since 2013

Ms. Michele Leaden is our Dean of Students and has been with CCHS since 2014

 Seclusion and Restraint  Information:
Emergency Safety Interventions Information (ESI):  http://topeka.schoolwires.net/Page/301

Program Goals

         1. Improve the academic achievement of all students by using research-based learning strategies that facilitate accessing Topeka Public Schools general education curriculum.

2.   Motivate students to form supportive and respectful relationships with peers and staff by focusing on the learning community.

3.   Encourage students to target behavior patterns and work with staff to adapt and resolve conflicts within the classroom setting.

Topeka Public Schools District Mission

PREPARE students to be personally and academically successful. 

ENGAGE students in authentic learning opportunities. 

INSPIRE life-long learners.

Capital City Schools 3 - R's

       Be Respectful

    *Treat others as you want to be treated yourself and use appropriate language.

       Be Responsible

    *Take ownership of your behavior and do the "right" thing.

         Be Ready

    *Come prepared to learn and set short and long term goals.

Core Beliefs

Our learning community includes students, parents, staff and the greater community as each shares in the responsibility for 

positive student outcomes. 

Positive relationships between all community members are essential to promote a respectful and compassionate environment for student learning.

Teaching students social skills and behavior expectations increases the opportunity for student success.

Acknowledging and celebrating student and teacher accomplishments is important.

Modeling, teaching and re-teaching are essential qualities to achieve student learning mastery.

Academic and behavior data is necessary to design and deliver instruction that addresses individual student needs. 

Providing academic and behavioral interventions is based on data and collaborative team decisions.

A tiered system of academic and behavioral supports is essential in order to meet all student needs.