Mrs. Mays

Welcome to Physical Education grades 6-8

About me
This will be the start of my 22nd year of teaching. I have been at Landon for 17 years. I have also taught at Ross Elementary School and Chase Middle School. I am coaching Boys Basketball and track. Normally I coach other sports too, but my 8th grade daughter, Brynna, will be doing sports at her school and I want to be mom and watch her compete. Also at home I have an 2 year old daughter, Brooklyn, and a husband, Brian, and one dog, Jessie.  
This is my first year back in the gym teaching PE since my days at Ross Elementary. I have always enjoyed the physical aspect of sports and working fundamentals.

Expectations for my classroom


I have only one rule that I feel is important…. Show Respect to Yourself and Others.


Students will be graded themselves on the following:

1. Participation

2. Suiting Out daily

3. Knowledge of the activity

Materials needed

Students must come prepared to class everyday with the following items: gym clothes, appropriate shoes, and a positive attitude