Mrs. Mays

Welcome to Reading 7th grade!

About me
This will be the start of my 22nd year of teaching. I have been at Landon for 17 years. I have also taught at Ross Elementary School and Chase Middle School. I am coaching Boys Basketball and track. Normally I coach other sports too, but my 8th grade daughter, Brynna, will be doing sports at her school and I want to be mom and watch her compete. Also at home I have an 20 month old daughter, Brooklyn, and a husband, Brian, and one dog, Jessie.  

Expectations for my classroom


Communication is the key in your child’s success. I can be reached through email, or by phone. Please check lesson plans that are posted weekly for your child’s assignments and deadlines for projects and novels. 


USD #501 has raised the bar with the selection of Scholastic’s Expert 21 Reading Series. Not only will the students have their reading text, they will also be reading 2 novels every Workshop (about 28 school days). THERE WILL BE READING ASSIGNMENTS NIGHTLY. You need to stay on top of these reading assignments as there will be a 100 point assignment at the end of each novel. 


I have only one rule that I feel is important…. Show Respect to Yourself and Others.


Students will be graded on the following:

1.     Small Group Participation 

2.    Daily Work

3.    Tests

4.    Special Projects (novel assignments)

Classroom materials

Students must come prepared to class everyday with the following items: Expert 21 book, Chrome book, sticky notes, assigned novel, and writing utensil.

Textbook- The students will be assigned a consumable textbook which must be brought to class EVERYDAY. (If lost or destroyed this book must be replaced immediately by parent.)

Novels- Every workshop the students will be checked out 2 different novels. They will need to bring them to class EVERYDAY and home EVERY NIGHT. Students will be given some class time to read, but the majority of the reading will need to be done at home. The following class day, the student will be responsible for discussing their readings with their classmates. This is where part of their small group participation grade is determined. (Again, if the novel is lost or destroyed, they will need to be replaced by parent.)