And this month's winner of Rosie is.............

Past winners of Rosie...
 Mrs. Noonan's 3rd Grade
October Ci3T Winner - Mrs. Noonan's 3rd Grade Class
  Miss Mayes' 1st Grade 
   First Winner!! August Winner
 Miss Simmons' PK
September Winner    
 Mr. Snook's 2nd Grade
Mr. Snook's 2nd Grade Class with Rosie
 Miss Baker's 2nd Grade
Ms. Baker's 2nd Grade Class with Rosier
Mrs. Noonan's 3rd Grade
 Mrs. Noonan's 3rd Grade Class with Rosie
 Mrs. Hunter & Mrs. Adams' 5th Grade Classes

Miss Lori's Afternoon Preschool

Each month at our Ci3T assembly every class creates a chant to share with the school. Each assembly they are getting more creative! While all the chants are fantastic, primary and intermediate winners are chosen to have an extra recess with Ms. Soper! One overall winner is chosen each month and gets to host our Bulldog Mascot, Rosie!

Classroom Roll Call Videos

What is Ci3T? 
At Bishop, we use this model to support our students academically, behaviorally and socially. We are all about positive behavior supports! 

Bishop Expectation Matrix 
We use this Expectation Matrix to show our students what is expected of them in all areas of the campus!