INTEGRATED COMPUTER APPLICATIONS (Y) 9, 10, 11, 12                   

The course will teach the fundamentals of computer application software. It is designed to emphasize the learning and practicing of software features. Major areas of study will include word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation, and integration. Students will be expected to demonstrate career development skills such as: time management, work ethic, materials management, and communication skills--verbal, nonverbal, written and listening. Attendance and work ethic in the workplace is a vital component of this class and will be strongly emphasized.

MULTIMEDIA (Y) 10, 11, 12    Prerequisite:   Integrated Computer Applications (2049)

This course is designed to introduce students to the basics of industry-standard software for personal, creative and business use. The students will create presentations (PowerPoint and/or Prezi), manipulate photos (PhotoShop), make 3D home models (Sketchup), make movies (iMovie/MovieMaker), edit music loops (GarageBand/Audacity), create desktop publishing projects (InDesign), create animations (Flash) and get a sampling of other software/skills (HTML – for the web, Illustrator – drawing, and FireWorks). Students will develop an electronic portfolio of the skills they develop with these tools. A final project using a variety of software and techniques learned throughout the year will be required at the end of the course.  HPHS  HSA THS  TWHS Enrollment based

WEB DESIGN (Y) 11, 12    Prerequisite:  Multimedia (2176)

Students will use DreamWeaver (industry-standard software), HTML and CSS to create web sites.  Additional programming skills, such as JAVA scripting, J’Query and other available, current tools will be used to further refine web sites. Students will create their own web site and research current codes in a variety of languages to enhance their web sites. PhotoShop, InDesign, Illustrator and FireWorks will be used as needed to edit photos, graphics and images for web sites.  Throughout the year students will update and maintain the school’s web site. During the second semester of this course students will recreate the school’s existing web site, if needed, and create sites for the community. Attendance and work ethic in the workplace is a vital component of this class and will be strongly emphasized.

TOPICS IN MEDIA TECHNOLOGY (Y) 11, 12    Prerequisite:  Web Design (2177)

This course is for students to further their knowledge in various software of their choosing. The students will use resources available online and in the classroom to create advanced projects. Topics could include programming (CSS, JAVA, etc.), advanced PhotoShop, video creating, new/evolving software, and/or courses from postsecondary institutions. The student will be need to have a plan of what software, goals and projects he wants to have additional expertise in. The accumulated portfolio will contain completed projects.

PROGRAMMING THE WEB, APPS, OR GAMES (Y) 11, 12    Prerequisite: Integrated Computer Applications (2049) & Web Design (2177)

Programming for the Web, Apps or Games is an application-level course in the Web & Digital Pathway. Programming languages can be applied to a variety of projects.  Students will independently research and learn a variety of computer languages to design websites, phone apps, and/or games.  Students will be encourage to utilize business partnerships in developing and designing the project(s).  Independent learning and completing actual projects with that learning will be expected. THS Enrollment based

MEDIA TECHNOLOGY WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE (Y) 11, 12    Prerequisites:   See Visual Arts and Web & Digital Communications Pathway

This course provides students with workplace experience in fields related to media technology.  Goals are typically set cooperatively by the student, teacher and employer.  These courses may include classroom activities as well as further study of the field and discussion regarding experiences that students will encounter in the workplace.  This course is offered with Graphic Design or Web and Digital Communications emphasis.  Pre-requisites must be taken before the application level course in the specified pathway.  This 1.0 credit course can be taught as two sections during the same semester.