About Us

The first Avondale School was at 29th and Topeka Blvd in the building that is now occupied by the Kansas Motor Carriers Association.  The building originally built for classrooms is immediately to the south and now houses the KMCA Engineers' offices.

When Avondale West was built in 1954, it was a typical "school in the country."  The city limits extended only as far as 29th street.  Burlingame Road was gravel.  Fields and wooded areas were to the west and south, and wheat fields grew between the school and Topeka Blvd.
The school was built with rural district funds and accommodated grades one through eight.  Eighty percent of the students who were enrolled were children of military families and had parents who were stationed at Forbes and lived in the Likens-Foster housing development to the south.

Avondale East was also built in 1954, but with government funds.  Avondale Southwest (now known as Shaner Elementary School) was built two years later and served as a Junior High School for both Avondale East and Avondale West.  Later, all three schools accommodated grades one through eight and for a time grades one through four attended Avondale West and grades five through eight attended Avondale Southwest.

In 1955, five classrooms were added to the south end of Avondale West. These included two rooms upstairs and two down plus the east Kindergarten classroom.  In 1957, a two-room annex was built west of the school.  These rooms were used as classrooms for several years, but as enrollment decreased the north room was converted into a library and later into the music room.

After the area including the Avondale Rural District was annexed by the city, Avondale West became a part of Topeka Public Schools, Unified School District 501.  This took place in the 1962-63 school year.

In 1975, the library facilities were moved into the main building as the two south upstairs rooms were converted into a media center.  This area was further expanded and remodeled in 1975 with the removal of the walls between the two classrooms and the addition of carpeting. The annex was also enclosed that year.

An elevator was added to the building in 1999.  The building was fully air conditioned in the summer of 2000.  The ceilings were lowered in the halls and the roof was replaced in the summer of 2001.  The west Kindergarten classroom was built on for the 2002-03 school year.