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Creating Passwords

When I first created M-POIC – Memorizing Passwords and Other Important Codes – the internet was very unfamiliar to me because I had never used a computer up till then, but as it became apparent that computers and the internet were emerging as important tools in our daily lives at work and at home, I was compelled to educate myself about this technology which has become indispensable in the modern day operations of many people throughout the civilized world. Just recently I came across some statistics listing the growth of internet usage between 2000 and 2007 to be a whopping 920.2% the Middle East, 882.7% among users in Africa and 598.5% among users in Latin America and the Caribbean. Based on these statistics, it's easy to see why the internet has become such an integral part of our lives.

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When the realization finally registered that the positives substantially outweighed the negatives in conducting business via the more efficient and expedient means afforded by computer technology, I applied my M-POIC system in a way that has made it even easier to navigate around the Internet and I have used it since then with very few instances where I actually forgot any of my passwords. I thought a password system that works well would be something worth sharing

The following introduction relating to the importance best sums up my objectives with this Password System and I thought it an appropriate introduction for M-POIC. Please read on.

Introductions to password and code development.

The information presented here is probably most beneficial to those people who have recently embraced the computer as a means of simplifying their daily work assignments or enhancing the projects they’ve been working on. It’s common knowledge that in order to enter the world of computers and be effective in getting anything accomplished you’re going to need a few tools to work with. The first and probably most important tool you’ll need is a password, without which you’re probably not going to make too much progress, so let’s talk about passwords.

A password is a secret code which is used to gain access to many of the important areas that enable the operation of your computer. The password is needed to sometimes gain access to your own important files and folders, to access your ISP (internet service provider), to set up your email account, to access the Web such as www.WebConnect4U.com and many other purposes. Your passwords are going to be some of the most important tools you will need in order to make the internet a pleasant working experience, they’ll be your keys to unlimited sources of knowledge and information.
If you agree with the previous statement regarding the importance of passwords, then you’ll agree that your password should be a code that is not easily accessible to anyone else and therefore should be protected at all costs. To make certain that you can effectively protect your password, you should make sure that it is coded in such a manner that others cannot easily guess what it is by associating it with your ss#, DOB, house address, birthdate or childrens birth dates and things of that nature.
On the other hand, many people use their personal information to create passwords because they can easily remember that kind of information, so that creating a strong password that does not consist of personal information while making it easy to memorize is a bit more complicated than most people may think; unless there was a system which allowed for the creation of the strongest kind of passwords that are as easy to remember as your own name. More in formation about the importance of strong passwords can be obtained here as well as other informative public venues.

The Best Of Both Worlds!!!

If you believe that the information contained in the above paragraphs is true, as I do, then what I am about to share with you is a coded system which will permit you to create strong passwords that can easily be remembered whenever you need to log on to the internet. One excellent description of a strong password can be found at Windows Live Help or by clicking on the preceding link.

The great thing about the M-POIC system is that you can apply it to the things that you can remember like your ss#, DOB, house address, birth date, children birth dates or even your own name and no one except you will ever be able to easily guess it and attempt to steal your identity.

The M-POIC system is comprised of letters and numbers which total eighteen characters, plus one additional "special" character which I refer to as the "symbol" and is identified by its official name in your M-POIC package. If used as intended, this system will enable you to walk around with instant access to all of your passwords stored in your own memory and easily recall any one of them merely by identifying the internet site or email system that you wish to login to.

The M-POIC Password Creation System allows you to log in from anywhere without having to search for written passwords. The best thing about M-POIC is the price. Unlike the cost of Identity Theft insurance, or computer-generated passwords that you’ll never understand let alone remember, this system is priced at just $8.95 and comes with a complete money-back guarantee. The guide is available at no cost and can be downloaded at Your Passwords

Once you apply the system and realize how easy it is to implement and the ease with which you can remember your passwords – all of your passwords – you’ll always have a method to not only create your passwords but also to memorize them. I have used the M-POIC system for over two years and with more than 145 accounts and not once did I experience any problems relating to memorizing any of my passwords since then.

Another great feature of the M-POIC system is the added flexibility it provides for users. The parts are interchangeable!

You’ll really begin to see the difference as soon as you create your first password using this system. Then, as the saying goes, the rest is history!

Here’s an example of your M-POIC code system: A = 1, E = 2, I = 3, O = 4, U = 5, ? = symbol (of your choice when necessary) L = 6, M = 7, N = 8, R = 9 (A bonus is the lower case equivalent of the code letters) which can be used interchangeably. In addition, the following are examples of some symbols available for use in this system:

Some of the "special" symbols mentioned above:

§...Section, #...Number Symbol, «...Left Double Arrow, ¤...Currency Symbol,

¿...Inverted Question Mark, +...Plus sign, &...Symbol 38, p... Symbol 112, ¥...Symbol 165, W...Symbol 87.

The above symbols and definitions are central to the creation and implementation of MPOIC passwords. The following is an example of the M-POIC code system recommended usage: ARSection code A1, E2, I3, O4, U5,p, L6, M7, N8, R9. In this example www.widgetsite.com will be our website and Robert Anybody will be our user, so Robert’s first name and the first word in the site address, which in this case is Widget, will actually create a password that looks like this 94b29tw3dg2t which spells Robert Widget in M-POIC code.
If the user chooses to use his/her last name the password would be 18yb4dw3dg2t which spells Anybody Widget in M-POIC code. Obviously the user will decide whether to use the first name or last name but should be consistent with the selection so that confusion is avoided thereby simplifying the memory process. Notice that none of the symbols were used because the many internet sites and email systems do not permit the use of characters other than numbers (1 to 9 and letters (aA to zZ) in user passwords.
The sites and systems which do  insist on the use of symbols are few but will probably increase in the near future, so I’ve provided them with this system. The simplicity of this system allows its users to create passwords and other important security codes by using words they are most familiar with in combination with the actual name of the site, email or document without ever risking any theft of personal information through hacking or other contrived methods. The variations are limitless so go ahead and do your internet business with confidence. MPOIC-2 to come soon!

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