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Three-in-One Mortgage is committed to providing subscribers, and visitors to these pages, the best information available relating to the affordable purchase and refinance of one-to-four family homes. Currently two of the most affordable mortgage programs available are insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) under titles 203b and 203k. These programs minimize upfront cash outlay for home buyers (3.5% down payment), are based on thirty year fixed terms and require homes financed with FHA-insured funds to meet the HUD Minimum Property Standards. The 203k rehabilitation mortgage goes further to include financing for mixed-use properties, needed home repairs and energy conservation improvements in the same home mortgage.

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FHA-insured mortgage programs are originated, processed, underwritten and closed by mortgage lenders licensed under local State law and approved as HUD-authorized lenders. Although mortgage brokers are not authorized to lend, many mortgage broker companies, having met certain HUD qualifications and obtained applicable permissions (Mini-eagle), have been active in the mortgage application process and have successfully placed FHA mortgage applications with licensed lenders on behalf of borrowers who sought their assistance.

The Three-In-One Mortgage approach to solving some of the the current problems caused by the mortgage crises rests in what I refer to as prevention maintenance. It works by completing all necessary repairs and rehabilitation immediately after closing on a home purchase as well as supporting home maintenance by performing recommended energy conservation improvements. This approach stems from the belief that if a home owner (especially a first-time home owner) is protected from breakdowns of major working components during the early years of home ownership, that home owner is less likely to default on the mortgage payment(s) as a result of having to make those costly repairs.

The second phase of our Three-in-One Mortgage approach enhances the home owner's ability to maintain a stable and consistent mortgage payment regimen by working to reduce the cost of heating, air conditioning and utility payments, in addition to extending the life of some of the working components in the home. For these reasons, Three-in-One Mortgage has embraced the 203b and 203k mortgage programs as the most practical mortgages for the affordable purchase and refinance of one-to-four family residential properties.

There are additional references throughout this site that deals with different aspects of these programs as well as other mortgage financing information which may be useful to home buyers and home owners seeking affordable mortgages or other related mortgage financing information.

For more about 203k, please visit the HUD website.

Additional energy efficient information available at: Energy Efficient Mortgage provided by HUD.

For an energy efficient home rating the Energy Efficient Rehab Adviser may be a good place to start; and

To find out if you qualify, access the calculator at United Northern Mortgage Bankers, a licensed lender approved by HUD.

Our most recent effort is Borrower-friendly Loans, a website designed to simplify the mortgage information search process by making available needed resources, data, and lender procedural information to our readers and supporters.

For additional 203k mortgage sources and relevant information, please visit the recently launched B.K.HECM Search Engine.

Thanks for your visit to our site! We hope you have a pleasant experience browsing our pages and that you will leave with some useful information. We invite you to return and hope you find what you're in search of. Be well!


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