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February 22: 6TH GRADERS LEARN ABOUT LOCAL HISTORY (A tale of 2 bridges)

On a Wednesday morning, the 6th grade classes at Juan Carrillo set off on foot for a local history tour.  With map and notebooks in hand, the headmaster led them on tour of LA RONDA MUSULMANA (Moslem).  Ronda was first settled by the Celtic Iberians and later occupied by the Romans.  Although there is some evidence of the long Roman occupation,  the Islamic occupation by the Moors, which lasted 700 years is visible everywhere.  From the 700's to 1485 (when the Catholic monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella lay siege to the city) the Moors had a thriving city on top of the Tajo Gorge.  


The sixth graders walked around the old city of Ronda and heard tales of  La Ronda Musulmana.  They walked along the murallas (walls) and through the puertas (gates) and learned how people entered and exited the guarded ciudad (city).  They learned about the molinos (mills) powered by the water of the Rio Guadalevin, crossed the puentes (bridges), visited a Mesquite(palace) and Los Baños Arabes (the Arab Baths).  They did all this in their own city, walking the roads and crossing the bridges that they use everyday.  In Vermont we too live in historical houses and villages, walk along stone walls, visit old mill sites, and cross bridges that were used by people long ago.  I hope you will help in the preservation of the Scott Bridge.  History is worth preserving.