Belgrade Cemeteries

Belgrade has a total of 4 cemeteries, Ellis Cemetery, Quaker Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery and Woodside.  Pine Grove Cemetery is the only cemetery currently  open for burials.   Perpetual Care Lots may be purchased through the Town’s sexton, Gary Foss.   The cost of a perpetual care plot is $50.00 per plot.   Annual flowers may be purchased through the Town sexton by filling out the appropriate form.  Cost of placement of annual flowers is $100 per flower.  

The Cemetery Ordinance was amended in November of 2011 to allow for not-residents to acquire a lot at the Belgrade Cemetery:
A non-resident may be assigned a single burial lot in the Town's Cemetery providing that he/she fulfills one of the following 3 (three) requirements:
    1. A person must have been born in the community
    2. Have blood relatives who are either living in the community or who were buried in the cemetery.
    3.A person who owns and has paid property taxes on real property in the Town of Belgrade for a period of not          less than 20 years. 
Prior to the assignment of the burial lot, the person or legal representative must first submit satisfactory evidence of his/her bond to the community which is subject to review by the Board of Selectpersons.  Upon approval by the Board of Selectpersons, the Town Manager will direct the Sexton to assign the cemetery lot.                                                           The fee for perpetual care for a lot assigned to a non-resident whose “substantial bond” to the community has been approved by the Board shall be five times the voter-approved perpetual care fee for a resident.  (In 2011 the voter-approved fee is $50 per space, thus a non-resident would pay $250 per space. A lot consists of either four or eight spaces. Thus a single space would allow for a single full burial or three burials involving “cremains”.)

The current cost for burial is  $350 for a full burial and $75 for a cremation this price is for both residents and non-residents.  

The Town of Belgrade has a cemetery ordinance and a document of “Rules & Regulations” regarding the placement of items on grave sites.   We have also included copies of the State of Maine Revised Statute and Maine Registration of Cemetery for Family Burial Grounds.

History of Belgrade Cemeteries

Pine Grove Cemetery–the earliest burial in the Pine Grove Cemetery seems to be in 1803, in the Ellis Pond Cemetery 1813, and in the Quaker Burying Ground, 1820. 

In the grove of pines to the south of the road, in the Pine Grove Cemetery, several years ago one could decipher that Samuel Linnell was buried in 1803 and John Crosby in 1806, both early settlers here.  

Across the road, in what is known as the Woodside Cemetery, John Page was buried in 1812, David Farnham in 1814, and first –settler Joel Richard son in 1819.   A sale recorded on November 14, 1809 by Aaron Page to a        group of men “a part of lot 134 for a burying ground on the plain”. 

 At a Town Meeting of 1905 it was voted to call the “old” cemetery Woodside and the “new” cemetery Pine Grove.  In 1909 land was bought from the G.J. Cummings estate for $200 to enlarge the “new” cemetery.  More was bought in 1974 for $8,000. 

The earliest burial in the Pine Grove Cemetery, the “new “part, was in 1883.  This section, known as the Pine Plains and Pinkham’s Corner, was bought from Vassal Pinkham.  

Ellis Cemetery-Not far back from the west shore of Ellis Pond (also known as Richardson’s Pond and Salmon Lake) lies the small Ellis Cemetery, now almost inaccessible. 

Survey maps show that this was the land of John Penney as early as 1802.  The first burial was that of six-year-old Henry Bickford in 1813 and the last of that was Dolly Lovejoy in 1908.  Her husband Chester died ten years earlier. 

This area was fist part of West Pond Plantation, and then the town of Dearborn was incorporated, and finally became part of Belgrade in 1853. 

At least one Revolutionary soldier lies here.  John Rankins fought the entire seven years and lived until 1828.     Peaslee Morrill, the father of two Maine governors, Anson and Lot, and recorded as a prominent and influential man, was buried here in 1855.

(Information provided from the second edition of the “Past and Present”, “Pictures and People” of Belgrade, Maine 1774-1976, compiled by the Heritage Committee of the Belgrade Bicentennial Observance)