Rally is Fun and is open for Boys and Girls from 7 to 16 years of age.

Every Boys and Girls Rally is an International Organisation that began in New Zealand. It is a club for ALL boys and girls aged between 7-16 years. (see History page).

Each individual Rally Group is autonomous – they run their own programme under the umbrella of their church.

There is a National Council that provides Resources, runs Camps and Training, the Rally Supplies centre and oversees the Rally Movement as a whole. 

Districts also have an ‘Executive’ group that runs special Camps and Activity Days and keeps in contact with local Groups and passes information on to them from NZ Rally Council.

The ‘Aims’ of the Rally Movement are to build children into worthy and useful citizens in the community, using three specific areas:
  1. SPIRITUAL – building strong Christian character 
  2. EDUCATIONAL - increased knowledge and understanding
  3. PHYSICAL - developing physical fitness and team co-operation 
Every boys and Girls Rallies are open to EVERY child. Just find a Rally close to you and ring the contact person. 

Some Rallies wear Uniforms and some wear mufti. The cost of uniforms and Rally fees varies with each Rally group – but the amount is small. We try to make Rally available to everyone. Some groups don’t call themselves ‘Rally’, but have their own special name.