Trust History

In the early 1980's the ministers fraternal in Papakura was very active, working effectively together in many ways in the community. Steve Millward, Pastor of Rosehill Presbyterian Church at the time, returned from Lausanna II Conference in Manila in the mid 1989, carry with him a conviction that God wanted the Church to become more organized in the local community ministering to the total needs of people, physically, mentally,emotionally and spiritual.

After sharing and receiving support for this concept the medical Centre was set up with a Christian Doctor Rob Round, who was serving with “Youth with a Mission” overseas at the time. So on 13th August 1990 Rosehill Christian Medical Centre was opened.

The vision broaden and a food bank was set up to provide needing families with the support. This service was developed and then passed on to Mercy Missions to run.

Next the Trust started Christian Care Budget Service ( August 1991) after Shirley Warbrooke noticed the need for families not only to receive food but to know how to handle their family budgets better.

In June 1992 Christian Love link was formed to provide clothing, furniture and other essential household needs to the people around our community. This service was under the control of Sally Naulls with Eden Seccpmbe being instrumental in setting up the smooth running of the clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse opened on 27th April 1992 with seven telephonists making up a team of volunteers from the local churches.

In 1993, IRD charitable status was granted and the Trust has operated under this status since. The Trust was incorporated 1957 1st August Registration # 473514 (GST IRD # 60 284 229)

Following the closing of the Mustard Seed Bookshop in Papakura there was a real need for a new bookshop so 27th June 1995 after a special loan was received Papakura Christian Bookshop was formed.

In 2000 Bronca Fox had a vision from God that the hungry children in Papakura needed feeding. The following year Bronca took a huge leap of faith and began the Angelslight Breakfast Club, an organisation that provides breakfast for children in schools around the area.

In 2007 The Rosehill Community Centre will be opened for the community with a range of "how-to" classes. Funding at present is being sort to make this Centre a valuable asset to the community and as Tom Phillips always says "a gift to the Community"

Watch this space for more developments as a number of new "project" are being prayed through at the moment. If this interests you in any way and you want to be involved or wish to help with Tax free gifts, please contact the Chairman.