Funding Assistance

Our Position of Funding

  • 100% of ALL money received goes direct into the hands of the people who need it.
  • NO MONEY is used by any PCST Trustee Member for their own purposes.
  • We look to any organisation not involved with Gambling who are able to assit us in the funding of these ministries.

Such organisation are:

  • United Way New Zealand

United Way New Zealand was established in 1975. Their mission is "to help build community capacity to improve quality of life through voluntary action and giving". They do this by collecting contributions through payroll giving, as well as receiving corporate donations and designated funding from overseas sources.


  • The Anonymous Foundation
  • Gillian Rowe & Associates

Since 2005 our team at Gilligan Rowe + Associates has been conducting Family Trust Seminars across NZ for anyone interested in learning about how trusts work and their potential benefits. And since we’ve been ‘on the circuit’, we’ve quite literally helped and spoken face-to-face with thousands of Kiwi families.

Our journey so far has been amazing. It’s been hard work but it’s also our passion and our love…

Speaking to all kinds of people from all walks of life has truly given us a unique insight into how family trusts can really help people in a wide range of different circumstances.

A: Level 6, 135 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland

P: PO Box 9918, Newmarket, Auckland

T: 09 522 7955 | F: 09 522 7970 | E:

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GRA Inaugural Winner of the New Zealand Corporate Trustee of the Year Award

Has been generous this year to the Trust