Interesting Facts

When Elizabeth was fourteen and a half she became sick.  The next couple of years after this she started to develop migraines and pain in she had pains in her eyes.

Elizabeth believed in astrology and clairvoyance.

There was a big debate among her doctors whether or not she would be able to have children.

Elizabeth loved to see young people and children around her.

Once she was 60, Queen Elizabeth started becoming irritable.  Once, her reaction to a courtier who had disgusted her was to sip on him.  When the Maids of Honor annoyed her beyond bearing she slapped them.

Elizabeth never had much of an appetite.

In 1562 she almost passed away due to Smallpox.  The Smallpox left behind many scars on her face, and they were hidden by the use of heavy while make-up.

Even though Elizabeth imprisoned Mary Queen of Scots (her cousin), she never met her.

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