Health Services at CTA

Health Services

The school nurse's primary role is to promote good health for students. As a member of the educational team, the school nurse enhances students’ potential for attendance, class participation, and learning by identifying and addressing medical conditions that may impact students’ ability to learn. The school nurse serves as a liaison between school staff, family, community, and healthcare providers to advocate for health care and a healthy school environment.

The nurse is available for first aid and emergency care for a student whose illness or injury occurs on the school grounds during the school day. The nurse and staff will attempt to assess the child as accurately as possible and notify parents when further evaluation or observation is recommended. For accidents or illnesses that occur at home parents should consult their family physician. Students with injuries or conditions that limit activity or participation in any school function must have a note from the doctor detailing the child’s activity limitations. A registered nurse cannot diagnose disease; medication cannot be administered without a form signed by both a parent or guardian and physician.  

 The best way to keep a student healthy throughout the school year is to encourage frequent hand washing, healthy eating, exercise, and rest habits. Contact the nurse anytime to communicate about your child’s health or illness-related issues that may impact their school day. Information will be kept confidential upon request.

Healthy children are successful learners!

 (American Nurses Association & National Association of School Nurses [ANA & NASN], 2011).


Columbus Torah Academy has a registered nurse daily during the school hours:

Chris Morford, BSN, RN, Licensed School Nurse

2016-17 days at CTA: Monday & Tuesday

CTA phone: (614) 864-0299  ext. 211