TOP MARKS HOME.COM Terms & Conditions - Version 1.1 ...

Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully as they will tell you everything you need to know about the agreement you enter into once you accept a work estimate for TOP MARKS HOME.COM to perform any work on your behalf. 

1.0 - Quotation or Estimate
TOP MARKS HOME.COM only provide Estimates.

It's impossible for some businesses to give standard prices for goods and services. This is usually because the skills, time and materials required for each project vary depending on different clients needs. This situation is more common in some trades than others - decorators or builders, for example, rarely do exactly the same project twice. When it's not possible to work from a standard price list to produce a fixed price quotation an estimate is given instead.

An estimate is a best guess based on experience and expertise. Where a contractor provides an estimate and a client accepts it there is no obligation on the contractor to do the work or to limit the amount charged to the estimate.  With an estimate the client is obliged to pay a "reasonable sum", which may be higher or lower than the figure in the estimate itself.  The only challenges the client can then raise are as to how the amount was calculated, the amount of work done and/or that the contractor was negligent in their advice on the likely cost.

A quotation is a fixed price offer that can not be changed once accepted by the client. This holds true even if the contractor were to carry out much more work than was originally expected. Quotations are not suited to building work as the amount of work involved can not properly be calculated until things like the foundations are dug, a wall is opened up or plumbing and electrics hidden behind walls are revealed.

2.0 - Additional Charges
TOP MARKS HOME.COM will carry out the whole of the work specified in the work estimate at the price stated but any variation or additional work requested by you and carried out by TOP MARKS HOME.COM including variations the necessity of which becomes apparent after work commences, will be subject to additional charges.

3.0 - Payment Plan
To help spread the cost of your project, we will work out a payment instalment plan for you. This will usually take the form of weekly staged payments / instalments spread out over the course of the expected duration of the project. Payments are due on the days set out in your agreed payment plan. Late payments will terminate this arrangement and full payment of the balance unpaid at that point will become due for immediately payment.

4.0 - Late Payment Charges (LPC)
Payments 7 days or more past due will be subject to a late payment charge of one and one-half percent (1.5%) per week each week until the overdue amount + LPC is paid off.

5.0 - Estimated Duration
The estimated duration given in your work estimate is a guide for you on how long we expect the project to take to complete. This is given as guidance only so that you may plan your life around the time we are working on your project.

6.0 - Completion Date / Day
The completion date / day is the last day worked on your project whether or not this is earlier or later than that given as the estimated duration.

7.0 - Early Completion
If your work is completed earlier than the estimated duration stated, this is called the completion date / day, the balance unpaid on the completion day at that point is due immediately on that day. Early completion DOES NOT mean that we will work beyond the “completion day” to the end of the “estimated duration” period.

8.0 - Extra Charges
Any work needed or requested outside that agreed in the original work estimate will be charged for additionally.

9.0 - Cancellations & Deposits
Should you cancel your project at anytime prior to the commencement of the work after you have agreed to it, TOP MARKS HOME.COM will retain the deposit as a contribution towards any costs which it has incurred or the cost of parts. 

10.0 - Normal Working Day
Working days are normally Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm. We may need to start earlier or finish later on some days dependent upon the work being done.

11.0 - Materials & Hire Equipment
Materials & Hire will be collected or returned during the hours of a normal working day.

12.0 - Goods Entitlement
Goods supplied and delivered by us to you, or your premises shall remain our property until paid for by you in full. Whilst goods remain our property (we continue to have title over them) we have the absolute authority to retake, sell or otherwise dispose of all or any part of these goods. At any time and without notice we shall also be entitled to enter any premises in which our goods, or any part of them, are installed, stored or kept or it is reasonably believed to be so. We shall be entitled to seek a court injunction to prevent you from selling, transferring or otherwise disposing of such goods.
However, the risk in the goods will pass to you on delivery to you. You must insure them at replacement value and if asked you must produce evidence that they are properly insured.

13.0 - Delays & Unforeseen Events
TOP MARKS HOME.COM shall not be liable for any delay or for the consequences of any delay in performing any of its obligations if such delay is due to any cause whatsoever beyond its reasonable control and TOP MARKS HOME.COM shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of the time for performing such obligations.

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Card Payments Accepted

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