iPads are everywhere!  Now teachers just need to figure out the best ways to use them in their classrooms. We roughly break down usage into three categories - to consume, collaborate, and produce. Many teachers are finding apps that students can consume to learn or refine new skills. The real strength to the iPad though, is the ability for students and teachers to collaborate and produce a broad spectrum of work.  The sections we teach in our training camps support this use of iPads in instruction. 

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iPad Apps

All apps on student iPads will be added by the technology specialist assigned to the school. Principals may request additional apps from the Topeka Public Schools list of standard and approved iPad apps (below).  If your school wishes to to purchase an app that is not on this list, you must (a) have voucher funds available, and (b) complete request for addition software and submit it to Travis True.  It will be presented to the Software Committee and Teaching and Learning departments for approval. Software that does not match our curriculum will not be considered for inclusion on the list. All apps are purchased through Apple's Volume Voucher Program (VPP) program. We do NOT use Apple iTunes cards on student iPads as it would violate our Enterprise Licensing agreement with Apple.

Teacher iPads are managed and updated by the individual teacher.

Standard / Approved iPad App List

Elementary LIst (PK-5th)                    Secondary List (6th-12th)                Teacher/Admin List

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