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Link Up Activities Club

Launch Day Coming Soon!

LUAC offers social and interactive activities for adults with physical disabilities and/or sensory impairment. Activities include

  • Day Trips
  • Pot-Luck (or Bring-a-Dish) Events &
  • Learn-a-Skill Parties 

Learn-a-Skill Parties:

Participants get opportunities to try new things or learn something new. These sessions are run with having fun in mind, with music and light refreshments to create a party atmosphere - so no stress.

Pot-Luck Events:

These events help re-inforce community as each participant is invited to bring a dish as part of a communal meal and include health and well-being discussions of interest to participants.

Health Days:

LUAC also facilitates health days enabling participants to gain periodic access to health and/or therapy professionals such as, but not limited to, podiatrists, physiotherapists and massage therapists, at group rates where possible.

...and our Day Trips! We hope to keep them coming thick and fast!