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Charisma Plus

So, you are 60+ and retired and suddenly you have all the time in the world to...
  • meet new people,
  • learn new things - pick up those hobbies you never had time for in the past,
  • take those Day Trips you've been meaning to
...but there is one hitch; you want to experience these moments with friends.

Charisma Plus Lunch & Activities Club offers just that!

- A weekly Lunch and Activities Day offering, currently on Fridays,

- Coach trip opportunities,

- Ways of keeping both heart and brain ticking along with stimulating dance lessons, games, quizzes, puzzles, discussions,

- Art/Craft activities for those so inclined and if you have a skill or talent you would like to share with others, then please have a chat with us. Let's see how we can make it happen.

- We also offer a hot meal - vegetarian options available, and all the tea in China and...

- Monthly parties for you to dress up for and bring your friends along. Add music, decorations, a buffet and bam! It's a party.  

Yes, you read right - it does say, Monthly Parties.

In addition to all this, your subscription also gives you access to support, signposting, support in accessing door-to-door transport as available, home visits and hospital discharge support as and when needed.

Charisma Plus Membership
Only fully subscribed members will be eligible for support in the following ways:,
  • Signposting,
  • Telephone Support,
  • Form-filling Support,
  • Home / Hospital visits &
  • Guidance & information

As well as members rates for special activities or events such as outings and parties.

Subscription Fee - £12pa

Lunch & Activities Club Fee Structure
Weekly Fee
  • Lunch & Activity Day - £5 contribution per club day 
  • No Lunch. Activities ONLY - £2 contribution per cub day

Monthly & Quarterly payment options are available

For more information please go here or go to our Contact Us page to send us a message.
You may also
call us on 0208 649 5677