Beginning Woodwinds  2nd 

Beginning Brass and Percussion 7th

Intermediate Band 3rd

Advanced Band 8th 

Elementary Band (early morning) 

In these courses  students will learn to exhibit proper playing habits, develop sufficient technical facility, and develop a proper concept of tone quality on their instrument.  The students will also continue to increase their music vocabulary, their sensitivity in intonation, and their accuracy in playing rhythms.  They will also build responsible rehearsal habits, and analyze music performances.

Upcoming Dates:

Back to School Night/Rental Night, Mon. Aug. 26th 4 -6 pm

Wed. Nov. 13th Fall Concert 7:00 p.m.

Students will need an instrument, instrument cleaning kit, 3 - 5 reeds (if applicable), band book, band folder(provided), music folder(provided) and a pencil for class.